Best Spinning Reels under 100 – All Around Sizes for Saltwater

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Learning about how to use a fishing reel may seem complicated and boring at first but trust me, you would love to know more about it if you are really into fishing. And you have already made the first step by clicking on this article, and by the end of it, you would know everything about these top five spinning reels you need to know. So to be of your help, we are writing this article to come across the best saltwater spinning reels for all fish catching types.

Surf fishing with some great spinning reels makes it simple to catch a fish anywhere, such as in ponds, islands, lakes, seashores, beaches, etc. These spinning reels are perfect while using a fishing rod when you are going fishing. The spinning reels are some of the most accessible fishing equipment for catching fish and are great for every person who loves fishing. No matter if you are a beginner or a professional, these best spinning reels under 100 would make your life super easier while catching sea creatures. 

Every person going for fishing needs to choose the option for them and according to his preference. Spinning reels out of all the other types of fishing reels are the best, as they are used for many distinctive purposes, ranging from fishing with natural or artificial lures, fishing with dead or live baits, fishing with jigs well as same goes for ice fishing.

List of Best High Speed Spinning Reels Under 100

Pflueger President Spinning Fishing Reel:

Pflueger President Spinning Fishing Reel

Key features:

  • A spinning reel is made up of aluminum.
  • The handle is made up of stainless steel
  • Has seven bearing system
  • Has a graphite body
  • A sealed drag system

The first product on our list of best spinning reels under 100 is Pflueger President spinning fishing reel. This product is aluminium, making it very strong and durable, which will last for a more extended period. Among all the other reels for fishing, Plueger’s spinning reel’s best feature is that its aluminium body always stands out as it is hard and strong enough to survive scrapes, scratches, and bump. Due to this feature, it would last longer for sure.

Plfueger President’s spinning reel’s handle is made up of stainless steel, a big plus point. The presence of chromium present in this handle protects it from other rays. You can use this stainless steel handle in any environment you want. It would not rust or corrode. 

This spinning reel’s seven-bearing system makes it very durable. It has a graphite body and a lightweight graphite reel, and its braid can always be directly tied to the spool without any issue and hassle.

This spinning reel has got a sealed drag system which includes sealed drag washers and is permanently lubricated so you would not face any issue while handling it as it is very smooth. Its slow oscillation gearing makes all kinds of improvements in line lay and reduces the chances of line twists.

• Lightweight and portable, which can be carried very easily.
• Very strong and durable, which will last for an extended period.
• Gives a smooth performance at its best.
• Has got some great features.
• The twisting line can be bad sometimes.
• Can get stuck under the body if a person is not giving proper attention.

Piscifun Honor XT High End Fishing Reel 

Piscifun Honor XT Spinning Reel

Key Features:

  • Made up of stainless steel & graphite
  • Has got multiple retrieves
  • Very smooth, solid, and long-lasting 

The second product on our list is Piscifun Honor XT high end spinning reel. This reel is made up of graphite and stainless steel. Not only this reel has a very buttery and smooth surface with a gear ratio of 5:1:1 in its 1000 model. This item has various types of retrieves, which makes it even more effective.

Moreover, the Honor XT reel comes with efficient and fast lightning at the gear ratio of 6:2:1. The speed is very high and perfect at every angle, which will help the product work more efficiently. This product is extra tough, and this fishing reel has some new and different looks with new features.

These reels built up in this are pretty strong and can easily target big fish in saltwater fishing or freshwater. Its significant features make this reel very light in weight so that it can be carried easily. It is very durable and long-lasting because of its muscular body.

Moreover, this reel has got a very plain and smooth surface with stainless steel. As a result, the reel is powerful which can be dragged constantly. The primary benefit of this product is that it is the best three exclusive carbon drag washers, along with a rubber seal that safeguards the drag from being affected by dust or water.

With these advantages, the product will offer you a fantastic experience while reeling the bait in. Furthermore, this fantastic reel has a super flat retrieve with doubled stainless steel shield and the mechanical balanced modern gears that will offer incredible smoothness of the reel.

Also, the product Honor XT is convenient and easy to use and eliminates backing when reeling the line. The product is unique as well as innovative, along with various marvelous features.

Some of those features include a direct drive screw, stainless steel, logo, strong zinc alloy, gears, symbols, shafts, etc. Last but not least, all of these features are primarily found in products with much higher prices. However, the Honor XT is offering affordable prices for its customers.  

• Unique and innovative
• Comes with various efficient features
• Smooth retrievers
• Strong, robust, and extra tough
• Multiple retrievers
• Durable
• Best class gear material
• This product can expose you to some chemicals, for example, lead

PENN Pursuit III Spinning Fishing Reel:

PENN Pursuit III Spinning Fishing Reel

Key features:

  • Made up of aluminium
  • Handle made up of stainless steel
  • Available in multi-color
  • Light bodyweight
  • Has got a sealed drag system
  • Available in 6 sizes

The third product we will discuss today in best spinning reels under 100 is Penn Pursuit III spinning fishing reel, a high-end reel comprised of HT 100 carbon fibre that can target big fish in a single go. It comes in a muti colour.

Its body is made up of graphite and aluminium, making it the best in quality and good in strength. Moreover, its handle is made of stainless steel, creating an aesthetic appeal and preventing rusting. The stainless steel bearings give it a smooth operation, and the line capacity tells you how much line is left to roll.

This spinning reel comes with a sealed drag system that makes it trouble-free and constantly lubricated, improving line twisting without any doubt. 

The reel is very light in weight and corrosion resistant with minimal maintenance and long-lasting durability. It is an ideal choice for amateurs who love to go saltwater fishing. It is also available in 6 sizes which vary from 2500 to 8000 depending upon your preference.

• Available in 6 sizes
• Portable and durable
• Left and right hand oriented
• Chance that lines can get twisted

Okuma Ceymar Good Spinning Reels for Bass:


Key features:

  • Professionally used all over the world
  • Has been tested for its quality
  • Made by best quality material
  • Corrosion-resistant
  • Graphite body
  • Available in different sizes

Our fourth product is Okuma Ceymar spinning reel for bass; this reel is tested for its supreme quality and reliability. It will never disappoint you while you are using it for fishing. Experts professionally use this reel all over the world due to its result. The material used in its body is graphite, including the frame.

This spinning reel comes in different sizes for catching different types of fish. The C-10 is excellent for 2 to 6-pound fish. For example, you can use this for catching trout, sunfish, crappie, and small perch. It is beneficial for small ice fishing areas.

The bigger size, C-30 to C-40, is used for middle-sized fishes such as catfish and more, which handles 6 to 8 – to pound lines. Then comes C-55 in this reel which is ideal for versatility in coastal water environments.

Snook, redfish, all these can be easily targeted with their high capability. The last size in this reel is C- 65, which is highly equipped with an oversized ergo grip for some extra power. This is used for big water fishing where a lot of line capacity is needed.

The smooth design of Ceymar turning reels makes a phenomenal fishing experience for all fishermen, built on a liquid 8-bearing drive. Ceymar conveys a full line-up of advanced features. A little machined aluminium spool makes an establishment of solidarity for monofilament fishing lines.

The substantial, strong aluminium bail wire and oversized line roller deliver outstanding performance in the long run. The rotor framework highlights Okuma RESII PC adjusting, so Ceymar turns even at high velocity without creating irritating wobble.

• Tried and tested
• Very strong and tough
• Perfect for every kind of fishing
• Only experts can use
• Beginners can get confused while selecting the size

Daiwa Legalis Medium Heavy Spinning Reel:

Daiwa Legalis

Key features:

  • Body made up of carbon-based composite
  • Comes with an oversized spool
  • 6 bearing system
  • Machined aluminium handle

The final product on our list is Daiwa Legalis heavy spinning reel under 100. This consists of a machined aluminium handle for extreme support. With an unmistakable, current appearance, the attractive reels come with unremarkable plans and features.

LT body (light yet intense) is built from a carbon-based composite that is a lot lighter than traditional materials yet entirely tough. With a lot more prominent solidarity to weight proportion, the reels are more lightweight and can be handled without any problem.

The spool configuration includes the Advanced Ballistic System. The larger than usual spool additionally holds more lines and can apply more pressure on hooked gamefish.

Air Rotor and Air Bail are carbon composite plans lighter and more grounded than traditional plans. Perfection of activity is guaranteed by six ball bearings and a roller bearing. It is challenging to find an honest, refined, and modest reel with a combination of art and technical feature anywhere in the market.

All-new DigiGear is machine cut and cleaned. This offers extreme effectiveness with a superior exchange of energy and perfection.

1. Distinctive features
2. Oversized spool for a better experience
3. Made up of high-quality material
• Difficult to use for beginners

Best Saltwater Spinning Reel Under 100 Buying Guide

We have provided the reader with some significant information about the best spinning reels under 100. However, we recommend the buyer evaluate all the features of the product they are willing to buy. It is not advised to buy the spinning reel without proper research about the product as it is a big decision to choose the right reel for your fishing. Some main factors which can be considered while deciding on the product they want to buy are as follows:


Flexibility is a significant factor to consider so you can see if the reel can quickly go down and catch your target. It should be smooth enough and easily handled because if you are not comfortable with the reel while using it, it could be a great issue as it would be difficult for you to catch the fish.


Before deciding what to choose, it is also essential to consider the prices of these reels. This part contributes a lot before buying anything from the market. You need to see your required budget and go for the best option then. Usually, the high prices always provide you with better and best quality, with innovative designs, whereas the low priced ones can also be great. It depends on your choice and preference.

Top Picked Fine Products

Before concluding, we would like to state our two top picks if you want any help in deciding these best spinning reels under 100.

First, I would recommend Okuma Ceymar Spinning Reel, which is used worldwide with excellent quality. It comes in different sizes for different types of fishing. The reel is light and smoother when compared to others.

The second one which I would suggest is Daiwa Legalis Spinning Fishing Reel as its body is solid and rigid. Its distinctive and innovative features are remarkable. 

FAQ’S Regarding Good Spinning Reels For Bass

What is the size of the reel?

The size of the reel varies. Each reel has a different size, but it’s always mentioned in the product description. You can choose the size according to your selection.

Is it reels for left-hand or right-hand users only?

The reel is left or right-hand retrieved. You can switch it to either side you want.

Is this a saltwater reel?

This is perfect for saltwater fishing. Designed for all types of fishing. It will give you excellent results and is budget-friendly also.

Do you sell parts of the reel?

We sell the reels only, but for your help, you can get your reel repaired at fishing equipment shops or bait shops.

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