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Last updated on December 24th, 2022 at 11:04 am

Well then, for you all, today we will discuss some great new techniques of artificial saltwater lures for surf fishing which will make your life easier to catch your fish without any hassle. The article of best saltwater lures for surf fishing also consists of a buying guide and FAQs for your convenience and ease.

Surf fishing with some great lures makes it simple to catch a fish anywhere, such as lakes, ponds, islands, seashores, beaches, etc. These lures are a great example of prey for your fishes. The Fishes get attracted towards these lures, and then you can comfortably target and pick them out. These lures are very easily handled, and they allow you to cover more water. They got a gut hook from which a fish cannot escape. These can target any species you want to catch. Thus, read the provided information below to see some excellent saltwater lures for surf fishing and make your life easier!

List of 5 Best Salt Water Fishing Lures

Rapala X-Rap Jerkbait Surf Casting Lures:

Rapala X-Rap Jerkbait

Key Features:

  • Very sharp 
  • Catches the fish easily
  • Available in different colors 
  • Can easily go 3 to 8 feet deep in the water to catch the fish 
  • It suspends and moves to a roll to trigger the bite

This is the first surfcasting lure made by Rapala, which you can buy when you plan to go fishing. You will see these come in a wide range, and you can select any color you like. There are eight different colors available in these baits, and the colors include hot steel, multi, silver blue, gold, glass ghost, silver, perch, and rainbow trout. You can get any of these according to your preference and likeness. 

Moreover, these lures have an adrenaline-pumping X-Rap bait with a high attitude and will immediately take action as it is very sharp and with its hard-cutting action. Your fish will be attracted to this and get caught in it quickly and within a few minutes. It can go 3 to 8 feet deep in the water, which is good enough for hooking a fish because the more profound, the better. 

The product is very light in weight and weighs 0.437 oz. However, a high-speed formula action suspends and moves to a roll to trigger the bite. The X-Rap is just about the activity only. It has a perfect shape, size, and 3D illusion, which is very effective in fishing.

Moving forward, the model number of this artificial bait is ASIN B001NXCYRA, and its ASIN is B001NXCYN4 to help you find the product quickly. Furthermore, the package dimensions of this product are 1 X 1 X 1 inches which makes this even better to use. 

• lightweight
• Available in 9 different colors
• Attracts fish easily and catches them in a few minutes
• Available in one size only
• Cannot go very deep in water
• It comes in a variety

Heddon Super Spook Topwater Fishing Lure:

Heddon Super Spook Topwater Fishing Lure

Key Features:

  • Its weight is 0.01 kilograms which are very light and easy to carry
  • Designed with two hooks to grab a fish more easily
  • Very durable and made up of a firm material                                              
  • It is ½ inch in length
  • Availability of different colors

The second lure on our list of best saltwater lures for surf fishing is Heddon super spook topwater fishing lure for surf fishing in salt water and fresh water. This Super spook lure is available in 2 different colors, which are silver color and bone.

Moreover, this lure is designed so that it has two hooks that can target the fish and get it caught very quickly and in a few minutes. This is very important and specially made for schooling striper and another kind of species.

After that, the fishes attack the super spook; this is the main trick. It is made of solid and long-lasting features, which means it features rugged construction to capture fish. It is a small but excellent and explosive fish-catching design. The hooks and ties make sure that these would hold up prey very easily without any difficulty. Moreover, its look is very realistic.

The material by which this lure is made up is very durable, solid, and great for explosive results. Its different and versatile feature stands up against all of the various kinds of species. The fishing technique is effortless.

• Very lightweight
• It has got two hooks which make it easy to grab a fish
• Very strong and long-lasting
• It-Available in 2 colors only, not in more
• There is no variety in shape

Ecooda Hornet Saltwater Fishing Lure:

Ecooda Hornet salt water fishing lure

Key Features:

  • Specially designed to lure big fish
  • Very easy to control and very flexible
  • Can target a fish very easily
  • Hooks are not applied to these
  • It comes in 6 different colors
  • It comes with a rattling sound

This saltwater fishing lure is specially designed to catch super solid and big fishes in the water, such as Tuna, Mackerel, Marlin, Mahi Mahi, or kingfish. Ecooda develops this lure mainly to target Super Big Fish in the Sea Water with high strength. Therefore, this product is a perfect pick to catch and target a variety of different species. 

You can use this in lakes, ponds, seawater on islands, and anywhere you like. It dives and emerges in water at high speed. It is very flexible and can easily swing left to write naturally, and is very stable. 

Its floating weight is 2.9 oz / 82g, and its length is 7 inches or 18 cm, which will help it go deeper in the water. The wire inside it is solid, and it can easily bear more than 100 Kgs pull strength. This will give a 90 percent chance to catch the bait.

Moreover, the hooks are not included in the pack as these are so versatile that you can use any hook of your choice that is convenient and easy for you. Plus, the split rings are also not included in this pack, so you have to get those on your own.

Last but not least, these Ecooda lures always come with an attractive rattling sound and some patterns that will indeed engage any fish that comes near the bait. These are available in six different colors, which gives customers a variety to choose from according to their liking. 

• Very efficient for catching big fish in the sea
• It can be easily controlled
• Flexible to use
• Comes with a sound and different pattern which attracts the fish
• Does not come with any hook, so you have to get those on your own
• Comes in a similar shape- less variety of shapes

Berkley Gulp Saltwater Surf Fishing Jigs:

Berkley Gulp salt water fishing soft bait

Key Features:

  • A great alternative to live fishing bait
  • Catches more fish as it is soaked in a powerful attractant
  • Its body and head are very realistic
  • You can expand its size stroke
  • It comes in a lot of colors
  • Available in a lot of sizes

Moving ahead, the fourth one in our today’s bucket list of best saltwater lures for surf fishing is Berkley’s Gulp saltwater fishing soft bait. Berkley is one of the most premium and famous fishing tackle companies that grow your passion for fishing while offering the newest and innovative ways. 

Berkley’s main aim is to make fishing entertaining and to Catch More Fish! Our technology has resulted in performance advances in fishing lines, soft baits, hard baits, fishing rods, and terminal tackle. Berkley’s this lure is one of the best and most realistic alternatives to live fishing.

While using this bait, you would feel more like live fishing, and it would be straightforward to grab a fish in this as they would get trapped in it very quickly. After getting this, you would not have to deal with the hassle of live baiting. 

Moreover, this Berkley’s fishing lure is also soaked in a potent and robust attractant to catch more fish very confidently without any hassle. Its natural body and head are designed to have a very high-action swimming tail that can easily travel in water without any hurdle. While using this, you can quickly expand and grow its strike zone. And more efficiently, you can put the mullet bait back in its bucket to recharge its potency. 

Moreover, it comes in different colors; you can select any color you like, any color which attracts you. Another good thing about these lures is that they come in different sizes and shapes too, isn’t that great? Again, you can select any form of any color you like. 

• It comes in different size
• Comes in different colors and shapes
• It looks very realistic
• Cannot go very deep
• It does not have any hooks outside

Lucky Craft Fishing Lure Flash Minnow:

Lucky craft fishing lure flash minnow

Key Features:

  • Bait dives are 1 to 2 feet when trolled
  • Designed for west coast shore fishing
  • It is more often used for Calico, Barracuda, Mackeral, Halibut, Sand Bass and more
  • Comes with six hooks.

Last but not least, the previous product on our list for today is Lucky craft’s fishing lure Flashminnow. Its bait dives and can go 1 to 2 feet deep down the water to catch its target. Thus, the big and small all sizes of fishes can be easily detected.

It is specially designed and made for west coast styles inshore fishing, explicitly targeting that area. It is available in 8 colors: MS anchovy, metallic sardine, ghost-white sea bass, pearl white, salty aurora black, sexy smelt, multi and multi-color.

This baiting system is mainly used to catch strong and big fishes such as Calico, Barracuda, Mackeral, Halibut, Sand Bass, etc. This unique product of Lucky Craft permits long and accurate distance casts, which can be very favorable while catching a fish.

The length of this Lucky Craft’s Flashminnow is 4-1/2 inches, which makes it 110mm, and its weight is 5/8 oz which makes it 16.5 grams. Its depth is 2 feet. Furthermore, the Flashminnow performs very efficiently at any speed you desire, and when it is stopped, the lure will remain suspended, giving a strike and vibrating.

This will perfectly and efficiently work over a or twitching it shallow area, 2 to 3 feet flat using a jerk or wiggling it. This super-performing jerk bait is ideal for small coves and working points.

• Designed for West Coast Styles
• Can catch robust fishes easily
• It comes with six hooks
• Cannot go very deep
• No variety in shape and size

Spoon Fishing Lures for Saltwater Buying Guide

We have provided the reader with some vital information about some of the Best saltwater lures for surf fishing. It is not advised to buy the artificial bait without researching the product as it is a big decision to choose the best saltwater lures for surf fishing among so many options. However, it is recommended for the buyer to evaluate the features of the product thoroughly before buying. 


Before deicing what to choose, it is also essential to consider the prices of artificial saltwater lures for surf fishing. This factor contributes a lot before buying anything from the market. So, for this product, you can choose the bait according to your budget. But, of course, it depends on your budget and choices! Usually, the high prices always give you better and the best qualities with unique designs, whereas the low-priced ones can also be great. 

Size and Flexibility:

Size is another major factor to consider while buying artificial saltwater lures for surf fishing. The shape, size, and length are significant as it effectively emulates fish food and dictates the lure’s resilience. Moreover, the trap needs to be flexible enough to catch the bait efficiently, as if it won’t be flexible, it may be hard to capture the bait.


For the artificial saltwater lures for surf fishing to be good, it needs to have a long deep length to catch the bait from the deepest area of the water. If the product is deep enough, it will help the catcher catch the bait more quickly, and it is more likely to catch more fish with a deep lure than a less deep/more protracted lure. 

Product Suggestions

Before concluding, we would like to state our two top picks if you want help in shortlisting the best saltwater lures for surf fishing.

Our first top pick is Heddon’s Super Spook Topwater Fishing Lur. It has got two solid hooks that will catch up the fish very quickly compared to others, without any doubt. In addition, it is very light and can be easily carried.

Secondly, our best option is Ecooda Hornet’s saltwater fishing lure. It is specially designed to lure big fish, and It is effortless to control and flexible. As Hooks are not included with these, you can quickly get hooks according to your choice.

Hopefully, our article will prove to be of your benefit, and you are much more precise now regarding which product to buy. Fishing lures save a lot of time and hassle. You can easily target your demanding fish, whether it’s a small fish or a big one. These are very cost-effective which will give you great benefits.

FAQs Regarding Best Artificial Bait for Surf Fishing

Do lures come with hooks on them or not?

These come with hooks, and these hooks may make your life way easier while catching some fish. However, you can also attach the hooks according to your choice and preferences. The customer reviews are excellent. They are delighted with the product. It saves their time and all the hassle they had to go through before getting these lures.

Do these lures produce more of a low pitch or high pitch sound?

I will tell you that the pitch is somewhere between not very high or not very low. Whatever it is, but the thing is that it works like a champ. Throw it out in the water and hold on for the results. Something is going to latch on.

How long is the lure?

It depends on what you want. They come in different sizes, from about 2″ up to about 5 or 6″.

Are they available in different shapes and sizes?

Ans. These lures are available in various shapes and sizes. It depends on your choice that for which one you want to go to. There are numerous options that you will see while selecting.

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