How Long Do Snails Live In a Fish Tank? Depending On The Species

How long do snails live in a fish tank? Depending on the species, temperature, and other important factors, snails in the aquarium can live from 1 to 4 years.

how long do snails live in a fish tank

Almost no home aquarium can do without snails. They have long ceased to be exotic in it and have become a familiar design element, and some of the specimens are quite cute and interesting pets. In addition, they are useful: they are engaged in regular cleaning of their reservoir, destruction of fish food debris, and eating rotten parts of plants.

In order to settle a particular snail in your aquarium, it is important to know not only the peculiarities of caring for it, but also the approximate duration of its life, as well as the factors that may affect this. Let’s find out how long the most common snail species live in a home aquarium.

How Long Ampularie Lives In An Aquarium

This large tropical snail is a favorite of many breeders, as it perfectly cleans the aquarium of mucus and other contaminants, but at the same time, it is absolutely safe for fish and plants.

Life expectancy (in comparison with other species) of ampularie is average and directly depends on the conditions of detention. For instance:

  • If a stable temperature of 23-25 ​​° C is maintained in the aquarium and all optimal conditions are created, then snails live for about 3 years.
  • If the aquarium is warm-water and the temperature in it is from 25 ° C and higher, then the life span of snails is reduced to 1 year, or even less. The reason is an accelerated metabolism, as a result of which all processes in the snail’s body go faster.
  • If the aquarium is cool and the temperature is below 23 ° C, then the snails live for a maximum of 4 years.
How long ampularia lives in an aquarium

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How Long Does Achatina Live

This snail does not live in an aquarium but in a terrarium. Nevertheless, these creatures are very often brought up at home, and therefore it is worth talking about them. Large size and intelligence are appreciated in Achatina. They are also believed to have a positive effect on the human nervous system by providing a calming effect.

On average, Achatina lives in captivity for about 5 years. There are cases of longevity when pets delighted their owners for 10 years.

How long such a snail will live depends directly on the conditions in which it will be:

  • Correctly selected terrarium volume, soil, temperature (25-28 ° C) and humidity,
  • As well as food will significantly prolong the life of your pet.
How long does Achatina live

How Long Does Fiza Live In An Aquarium

These snails once came to us from Asia and North America. Their appearance cannot be called bright. They are small, no more than 2 cm in length, brownish.

These Snails can get into the aquarium quite by accident, and they are often brought in together with the coils. They multiply very quickly, and getting rid of them is a whole problem, even despite the fact that fish like to feast on them.

More fizy “famous” that juveniles could produce pulling and between the filaments of the algae slime, which are stored up to 20 days, and on which snails are pulled up as the ropes to the surface of atmospheric air. Physi lives in an aquarium for only 11-14 months.

How Long Does a Coil snail Live In a Fish Tank?

These are freshwater molluscs. Brown and red coils are most commonly seen in aquariums. They are turned on not at all in order to amaze others since they look rather inconspicuous (the shell is about 36 mm in diameter, and a wide leg), but to give the home reservoir a natural look.

They are interested in that they can crawl not only on hard surfaces, but also on the surface of the water, turning over downward as a shell. Coils live in an aquarium from 2 to 4 years, but at the same time they manage to give life to several generations of snails.

How long does a coil live in an aquarium

How Long Does a Tiger Snail Live In A Fish Tank?

This is a freshwater guest from South Africa. It got its name for its appearance: on the light brown shell, there are stripes like those of a tiger.

Prefers hard water, does not eat plants, but loves lower algae. They are very good cleaners, but prone to “escapes” from the aquarium, so a cover is required!

Tiger snails live on average 3-4 years.

How Long Does The Melania Snail Live In A Fish Tank?

These are small freshwater molluscs that live in the ground. In nature, they can be found in various places: Africa, Australia, Asia.

They live in almost all freshwater aquariums, where they are sometimes not even noticed. Often, they get there by accident, with soil or fish.

Their size is small, only 3-4 centimeters and the color can be yellow or dark gray. But their appearance is not the main thing. They are amazing in that they are viviparous, breath with the help of gills, and are nocturnal. The average life span of these amazing creatures is 2.5-3.5 years.

How long does the melania snail live in an aquarium

As you can see, snails do not live very long in an aquarium. Depending on the species, this period ranges from about 1 to 4 years. However, a caring owner can extend it as much as possible by creating the most comfortable living conditions for his snails.