Most Immaculate and Popular Gender Based Betta Fish Names

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A common misconception is that Betta or Siamese Fighting Fish are excellent pets. Although apparently, fish do not expect you to walk or follow them, new owners should investigate how they can adequately focus on these tropical animals as they are known to be regional.

Bettas are clear fish with differing balance and tails. Even though they are not limited to this, the most popular tones often vary between deep red to radiant blue and can now also combine your attractive combination with both.

While we find the perfect betta fish names for your rich gull, we see that you may be caught looking at smooth water. Along these lines, we have compiled a record of the best betta fish names updated. Whether you’ve put on a name like their beautiful shading, cool and interesting name, or maybe something simple and amusing, we have it all. Go ahead and find our favorite Betta fish names.

There is a task to make a name for a landmark fish that reflects their obscurity or character and deal with your humorous tendencies or unique interests. Major, incredible, amusing, based on shading, and much more! We’ve named plenty of names to make sure you can find the right one for your new Betta fish.

We bet you need a better word than one, two, red, or blue. Remarkable for their glorious splendor, magnificent blades, and independent lifestyles, we have created a record of the names of beautiful pet fish.

Betta Fishes Name

Male or Female?

Ensure you sort out whether you have a male or female Betta before choosing betta fish names! While a significant number of these names work with one or the other sex, the bounty is the most ideal for either.

betta fish Male or Female

Male Bettas have the long blades, splendid shadings, and blazing attitudes that put these fish world on the map. However, they are intolerant and forceful and regularly kept alone in independent dishes. They need a touch of aquarium swimming space to feel cheerful and great.

Female Bettas have customary balances and are significantly more serene towards each other. They aren’t, as a rule, as beautiful and in this manner are a little more extraordinary in the leisure activity. Anyway, if you choose to raise your Bettas, you’ll need to chase down a couple whenever you’ve chosen names for them all!

Here are some sex-explicit names for both male and female Bettas worth considering!

Betta Fish Names Male

The male betta fish is more responsible for building a home and concentrating on the eggs until the babies hatch. These fixed fish may be small in size, but they are strong enough to defend their soil freely when the need arises!

These names of the Betta male fish highlight the solid and masculine names of the brave Betta male fish!

Bruno             Leif     NigelShiloh MarinoErnieZeus    
MosesJedrekDarius Ortun  HungryAlbertEllis
GustiZagIndieCaspian           Tao     MoradoAnchor
Gentian          AkiraSpike   Kai      Clint    KumarLuke

Betta Fish Names Female

While guys will get a lot of attention, female betta can also have strong names that burn their sides on the Mean Girl. However, there are many options, such as a wife, if you rely on your wife’s soft name or princess. The facts confirm that female Betta fish are less visible than boys.

However, these invisible fish are knowledgeable and modest in their approach. One of these Betta fish names for ladies might be perfect for your new cast.

JenAoiNicoleAerithAmy SchumerBikini
Boss LadyButterflyCardi B.Flip FlopGamoraJellybean
UmaAiza    Pearl   TabithaAoi      Sela    
AmbarCoral  Donatella           LunaCordelia           Indira  
VioletDoris   Sarnai AuroraIsla      Ratu    
Marina SakiMean GirlMermaidMistyMs. MarblesMs. Piggy
PepperPopcornPrincessQueen BStarbuckTaylor Swift

Funny Betta Fish Names

Betta, Betta, Betta, rocking’ all over the place! Ideally, you giggled and sang the tune in your mind, yet in the event that not that is alright, we make sure to make you laugh at a portion of these unavoidably ludicrous and clever Betta names.

Funny Betta Fish Names

We are so confident you will observe the most clever fish names here. Even your Betta will chuckle as well!

Mr. BeanDr. JonesGoldyChappellePickleBillie
Scar FaceRamboLuigiAquamanCloud StrifeSephiroth
Pied PiperChewyNintendoPopeyeRickMorty
BojanglesDarth Bait-erWater BoyOddishHan SoloDilbert
Harry WaterOtisMagikarpPewdiepieLoch Ness MonsterMeghan Mackerel
Mrs. PuffPeeWeePuckerfaceFin-leyFloaterFluffy
Georgia O’ReefGilly NelsonHammerheadHarley FinnLeviathanJaws
MackerelmoreMcFishMr. BubbleMr. FishSharkiraSpongebob
Swim ShadyLake SkywalkerLovely BubblyM. Sea HammerOne True CodRocky
SushiSwedishTuna TurnerScooby dooFelixLittle Fish Sunshin
FinessaKingfinFishtyqueAlpha BettaAqua Fin-aPattsea
Betta MaxBetta MidlerBetta WhiteCaptain HookCarrie FisherCujo
FidoMichael PhelpsOdysSeaFincessFishtachioFish in Mocean
SeannamonSymfinySwim SumFin-YangJames PondFish N’ Chips
Fisher PriceGyradosGuppy GoldbergGenghis KarpAnne chovvyAgent Cody Tanks
The Rolling RockfishThe Great GatSeaSolemateSea-line DionPrince Whale-aimFantastic Four
Blueface           John Cena           Rhythm and BlueIce Cube           Sasha Banks           Bowie
Chyna  DJ SlimeMr. Miyagi           Ronda RouseyGill-bertKarate Kid           Muhammad Ali       
Gill-tySumo  Floyd Mayweather           ClownfishMike Tyson           Moby Dick           
Laila Ali           SalmonGill-funkleHulk Hogan           Christy MartinThe Undertaker           
Lucia Rijker           MuddyMudskipperFish Out of WaterDarwinAlbacore
Chicken of the SeaBubblesSashimiGumboKillerZig or Zag
Small FryCaviarKingfishGrouperFinneganBubblemaster

Badass Betta Fish Names

Badass Betta Fish
Naga   MuskNapoleon           MyrtleNaresuan           Nacho
Nemo NearideiNerissaNigel   NorbertNoah   
Nuk SooNubs   OdinNugget OliverPaul    Ortun
Peach OudomPeep   PearlThe TerminatorDouble Trouble
Triple TroubleConanZeusGodzillaRamboJohn Wick
TsunamiThe KingThe EmperorAquamanBanditGenghis

Exotic Betta Fish Names

Exotic Betta Fish
CeleryCougarDinkyEdwardChloeCreme Puff

Japanese Betta Fish Names

Japanese Betta Fish

For the first time, we will cover the significance of the Japanese names for betta fish and then investigate what is currently going on. You will also try to find out which Japanese word makes our Betta fish happy.

It is important to remember the integrity of the word. It is the reason here in this guide. You will get information on Japanese betta words and their value. With that in mind, we should find out which of the two best Japanese words for Betta fish will surprise and add to your Japanese friends.

Female Japanese Name

ArisuRighteous, kindMasamiGracious beautySukiBeloved
Chika(chi) thousand, wisdom,
intellect, scatter, (ka) good, fine
Mikabeautiful fragranceTamakiJewel, Gem
EmikacharmingMisakibeautiful, blossomToshiYear of Plenty
Haruspring (season), dayMomoPeachTakaroTall/Noble Son
Hiroabundant, generous,
tolerant, prosperous
Nanamiseven seasTomoFriend, Wisdom
IwaYew or eveNoridoctrine or seaweedYasuCalm
Kaorifragrance, weavingRenwater lily or loveYumiThe reason, Cause, Friend, Beautiful
Keomifor the Love of Play.SachiGirl Child of Bliss.AnzuApricot
KoknockoutSangocoralChiewisdom, blessing
Madokacircle, flowerShikiThe four-season of the yearYukoAbundant, Gentleness, Child
Emicacharming or blessed and beautifulHanamiflower view” or “blossom viewHinataA sunny place, in the sun
Itothread, yarn, stringKamikoLittle GoddessKeikobe glad or rejoicing child
KiyomiClear, Clean, BeautifulMachikowisdomMasakoTruth, Elegant, Prosper, Child
MihoBeautiful, Keep, HoldMisaBeautiful Bloom, HelpMizukibeautiful moon
NanakoRed Apple, ChildNobukoFaith, ChildReikobeautiful or lovely child
Ryokogood childSakuracherry blossomShikaA gentle deer
SugicedarTakoOctopusTorupersistent; clear
Yasukopeaceful, tranquilYunaKindness

Male Japanese Names

AitoSea, oceanRadenGod of thunderRikipower
Atsujiintention, plan, resolve, aspire, motive, hopesSanyuJoyShinyareal”, “genuine
DaidoGreat wayTajiSuddenly, SmoothlyTatsumisign of the dragon
FumihiroWritings, History, ExtensiveTomohitosmartYasuriSweetness
Gorothe fifth sonYutakarichBenjiroenjoy peace
HayatoFast, Person, Bravery, SpeedDaizoLarge, GreatFumitoWritings, Person, History
HinataSunny place, in the sunHachiEightHibikisound, echo
HisokiSecretive; ReservedHiroabundant’ or ‘Generous’ or ‘tolerant’ or ‘ProsperousHoshiStar
JiroSecretive; ReservedJonaGod is graciousKageShadow
Leafmaple leafKazukiPeaceful TreeKentoCure for depression, happiness, rising up
KatsuroVictory, SonKozoHappy boyMarofrom Mars; bitter; or, myself
KenjiIntelligent second son; strong and vigorousMikioTree Trunk, Husband, HappinessNaozumiFrank and cheerfulness
KojiCultivate, Heal, PeaceRaidenGod of thunder and lightningRokuroSixth Son
ManabulearnSatoshiclear thinkingShocommander, officer, genera
Michipassing childSuzuBell” or “TinTakashiDutiful, Prosper, Ambition
NaokiHonest, StraightTatsuoMale dragonTomoyaFriend Of
YataroKind, brave, loyalAkiSparkle, Bright, autumnBuntasentence, design, writing
DenjielectromagneticFutoshifat, thick; daring, shamelessHachiroEighth Son
Hideakiexcellent, outstandingHiroakiBroad, Light, AbundantHozumisail & pure
JunKing, Handsome, TalentedKaichiSea, ocean & earth

Betta Fish Names By Color

There are many ways to incorporate your Betta tone into their name. You can make a shading definition in one more language or direct their name to a subject contrastingly.

Betta Fish Names By Color

White Betta Fish Names

Pale bettas and those with subtle silver and white tones are often given names that highlight their beauty and flawlessness. There are also many exciting definitions of “silver,” so consider naming your fish Argent, Gin, or Plata.

AnselArgent (silver in French)BansheeBijouBulletGin (silver in Japanese)
GleamGlimmerQuicksilverKesef (silver in Hebrew)MintArctic
Plata (silver in Spanish)ScratchShadeSnowballSilber (silver in German)Sheen
LunaStarlightChromeDustyEarl GrayGunpowder

Purple Betta Fish Names

Here are some immaculate names for purple betta fish.


Yellow Betta Fish Names

Yellow Betta Fish

For yellow Betta, consider encouraging words like Turmeric and Mustard, or name your fish by your favorite food or beverage. After the soda name, my first Betta was a yellow man whom I called Squirt.

ButtersCotton CandyYellow SubmarineCanaryDaffodilLysithea
Big BirdBlondiesChernobylSmileyYelliminatorsAdobe
Colonel MustardBarleyBlondieEggnogMaizeCorny
Tinker BellYellowstonesTofuWaferTuscan SunStar

Pink Betta Fish Names

Pink Betta Fish

While picking a name for a pink-shaded fish, consider milder blossom or diamond names, head the other path, and choose a dynamic name like Magenta or Fandango.

Pink PantherPinkoPixiePuffinFuchsiaRainbow Brite
SlipperBubble GumAmethystUltraWatermelonTickle
FreyaPenelopeBidoPatrick (starfish in Spongebob)Pinkie PieCure Flora
Lots’o (Toy Story)Porky PigBing Bong (Inside Out)Pina ColadaBlossomPink Pearl
NiNiNatashaPenelope PitstopPrincess BubblegumDeeDeeRooter

Other Types Of Betta Fish Names

Finn: I like this name since it’s amusing and generally male. The balances draw in us most to Bettas!

Scout: An ideal Betta fish name for the dynamic drifter. At the point when kept overall quite warm, Bettas will more often than not be continually looking about, searching for pieces of food, occupied tank mates, or other Bettas to flaunt too.

Alyssa: A work of art, the famous female name extraordinary for the two people and Bettas!

Elsa: The unquestionably famous courageous woman of “Frozen.” Great for that blue, white, or purple female Betta in your tank! Ensure she gets warmer!

Chong: This Chinese name is exceptionally standard among Chinese Singaporeans and is very well known in Mainland China, both for youngsters and pets!

Don Don: Adorable and irrefutably Japanese, Don-Don is a great name that is basic yet conveys the flavor of Asia!

Rangaku Gozen: Hangaku Gozen is a, to some degree, renowned authentic figure, a hero lady who lived almost 900 years prior in antiquated Japan. What a perfect female Betta fish name!

Sushi: A tiny amount of humor makes a huge difference! Why not attempt this magnificent Japanese name that is just about as undeniably popular as the food it comes from!

Yuan: China’s money. Considering how significant and widespread Bettas are, this is an excellent betta fish name for your fish!

Artemis: Goddess of the chase, wild creatures, and the Moon. You have a female Betta and affection for Greek folklore on the off chance. It is a good decision!

Bartholomew is an old, exemplary name that suits almost any male Betta!

Corfu: one of the most beautiful Greek islands in the Aegean Sea. Frequently enlivened by Mediterranean daylight, past abroad get-away, and sky blue balances (or waters)!

Pandora: The fantastic box of secrets that released passing and different diseases upon the human domain.

Zeus: Zeus is all that makes the Greek divine beings Gods: robust, furious, fierce, and unfathomable solid. The perfect name for an old, fearless male Betta who administers his aquarium!

Betta Fish Price

The expense of a specific betta fish will rely upon a few variables, including their variety, shading, age, and wellbeing. Testing to keep or raise Bettas will often be more costly than hardier varieties. Guys will generally be more significant and flashier, so they regularly cost somewhat more than females.

Females can likewise be less expensive to keep up within the long haul, as they’re less forceful and need less space than guys. Furthermore, you can securely keep numerous female bettas together in a sorority. Regardless kind of fish you first pick, you ought to go into the buy realizing that your fish will have a life expectancy of around two years.

You want to assemble a financial plan to guarantee that you can give appropriate consideration to no less than two years, potentially more. Even though costs differ between bettas, you can, for the most part, measure the amount you will spend in light of the variety you pick. You can track down various assortments of Betta, going from around $2 per fish to as much as $30 for a betta.

Wrap Up

As a perfectly unmistakable pet fish, the Betta truly merits a name that catches its exceptional characteristics in general. It is troublesome to think of a name for your new minimal pet. We realize that alongside the numerous obligations your little companion will require, for example, picking a tank, perhaps the most exciting liability is picking their name.

Regardless of whether your Betta is a male or female, a joke ace, blue, red, or remarkable, we want to believe that we have made this cycle wonderfully straightforward, charming, and instructive. If you intend to prepare your betta fish names, you might need to pick a short name or moniker. It isn’t essential for preparing, yet it will diminish your weariness while saying your fish’s name over and over! Try not to worry yourself, attempting to consider a name immediately. Assuming that you pick a genuinely unique name for your new Betta, simply be sure you approve of clarifying how you concocted the word over and over for interested guests.

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