Dwarf Gourami Tank Mates | 13 Species That Are Friendly With this Fish

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Dwarf gourami is a very exceptional little fish. These little colleagues will bring a lot of assortment and brilliant tones to your tank.

They are very well-known Fish to keep in tanks for some reason; they are wonderful, in any case. However, they are also quite peaceful species and viable with numerous other fish species of similar qualities.

Also, the dwarf gouramis are quite simple to think about, as they don’t need a lot of your consideration and are not particular eaters.

Another beneficial thing about these Fish is the way that they will, in general, be quite solid and are adjusted to an assortment of conditions in the tank.

Typically, these Fish would endeavor in more tropical settings. However, they can adjust to various conditions, as well.

Initially from Asia (all the more explicitly, India and Bangladesh), these Fish were first more famous just in Asia, yet have increased a great deal of ubiquity worldwide because of their details.

As we previously stated, these little Fish are very excellent. They have nearly the entire shading palette on their bodies; they go from orange to light blue.

Because of the dwarf gourami personality, many fish species would work out positively for this Fish. In this article, we will investigate the absolute best tank mates for the dwarf gourami.

We will dissect why a specific species is incredible to keep with the dwarf gourami and some other details of every fish on the rundown.

Ideally, you will pick up something about which fish species you should keep with the dwarf gouramis.

Best Fish Compatible with Dwarf Gourami

Next is the rundown of the 15 best fish that are viable with the dwarf gourami fish.

1. Guppies

Just like the case with guppies, they would make incredible tank companions to practically any fish that is little and peaceful. It is the same with Dwarf Gourami.

They have very similar details – both are peaceful as far as character, and both are quite benevolent towards other Fish of similar extents and particulars.

That, however, would supplement the dwarf gourami well as far as appearance. The guppies are essentially dim with other tones on their blades, while the gouramis are bright.

This would carry a slight contrast to the dwarf gourami, and it would supplement the tones well.

Additionally, the guppies are relied upon to carry no issues to you. They are peaceful and very simple to keep, and not requested by any means.

Their blades are stunning, and the entire appearance is very decent. They also want to be kept in gatherings.

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Guppies and Dwarf Gourami

2. Mollies

Mollies are another fish species that would be extraordinary companions for the Dwarf Gouramis. They would be viable as far as character and body extents.

Mollies require a lot of light and tropical settings, which is also the situation for dwarf gouramis.

The greatest length of the mollies is 5 inches. Mollies are omnivores, which implies that they will eat pretty much anything you offer them and won’t generally request a lot in that regard.

These little Fish can satisfy ten years whenever thought about appropriately. So you are not just getting a decent tank ally for the dwarf gouramis, yet also a very solid and undemanding fish that also looks extraordinary.

Indeed, even their appearance would supplement the gouramis consummately – mollies are fundamentally dark, combined pleasantly with all the shades of dwarf gourami.

Silver Mollies

3. Platies

The platyfish has consistently been a mainstream decision among fish tank attendants. It has been known since the time 1907 and has been one of the most wanted Fish from that point forward.

Furthermore, that is a result of numerous reasons. First, these little Fish, which can develop to around 3 inches, are very peaceful little Fish that would not disturb other Fish by any means.

That is very similar to the dwarf gouramis – their peaceful characters would supplement well. The platies have a generally short life expectancy; however, they are strong Fish in any case.

Even though they are essentially inclined toward tropical settings in the tank, they are quite versatile and can live in different tank conditions.

These Fish are most joyful if they are kept in little gatherings of 3,4 or 5. They are very dynamic swimmers and like to swim in a bunch in the tank.

These Fish also favor a much-vegetated tank, as they like to cover up in the middle of the plants a great deal and swim around them.

4. Swordtails

Swordtail fish is also one of the most well-known Fish out there. This is because they are exceptional as far as appearance – they have a tail that resembles a blade, henceforth the name swordtail.

The swordtails have been around for quite a while; found in 1848, these Fish have been perceived for their novel appearance and very peaceful and innocuous character, which supplements numerous other fish species.

Swordtails are exotic Fish, which implies they incline toward hotter water with temperatures of around 65 to 80 degrees Fahrenheit. However, you can see that the temperature length is quite wide, which means that the Fish is quite versatile and durable.

These Fish would make extraordinary tank mates for the dwarf gouramis because of their special appearance and peaceful character towards other inviting Fish.

Swordtail Fish

5. Angelfish

The angelfish are probably the most intriguing-looking Fish with regards to the world. But, of course, it is a cichlid more than it is an angelfish.

Initially, it originates from South America. It has wing-like balances, which resembles that of a blessed messenger.

For what reason would they make great tank mates for dwarf gourami? Most importantly, their appearance is the greatest factor in this.

They have a stunning appearance. However, it would also supplement the arrival of the gourami well.

It is also a very benevolent and peaceful fish that would not disturb other Fish very lot.

Even though they are moderately bigger than the dwarf gourami (6 inches), they certainly do not cause any issues whatsoever for the Dwarf Gourami and other Fish in the tank.

6. Betta Fish

The betta fish is an extraordinary fish for some tank guardians. While not all betta fish would be viable with the gourami, you can keep the female betta fish with dwarf gourami in the tank. You can anticipate great similarities between the two without a doubt.

While the guys can get forceful towards other betta guys and guys from other fish species, the females will go truly well with the dwarf gourami should you choose to keep them. They will, in general, be peaceful with other peaceful species.

Also, the betta fish are very uncommon Fish regarding appearance. They have very rich blades and fascinating tones. Betta Fish are one of the most famous Fish for tanks; they can even perceive their proprietor’s essence.

7. Corydoras

The corydoras catfish settle on for an extraordinary decision for dwarf gouramis companions. They are peaceful fish that likes to live in gatherings of at least 5 – they are shoaling fish.

They would go well along with dwarf gourami, just as other peaceful Fish in your tank.

Corydoras are catfish and generally hang out around evening time. However, Corydoras are extraordinary; they are seen regularly during the day, and they are frequently observed around the lower part of the tank, where they feed.

Yet, in some cases, they also will, in general, swim to the surface and swallow air, which is typical conduct. If that happens very regularly, nonetheless, it may be a marker that the water needs oxygen.

Consider getting some corydoras as fish tank mates for the dwarf gourami, as they would settle on a shocking decision for some reason.

Leopard Corydoras

8. Bristlenose Plecos

The Bristlenose plecos are regularly better for more modest tanks since they are the more modest variation of the normal plecos. They can develop to around five creeps in size, which is very similar to the dwarf gourami.

What makes Bristlenose plecos extraordinary companions for the dwarf gourami is that they are quite neighborly and peaceful. They live for around five years.

Even though you have to remember that their eating regimen is generally herbivore, this ought not to speak to an over-the-top issue since the dwarf gouramis are omnivores.

For Bristlenose plecos, ensure you give enough concealing spots and plants since they will, in general, stow away and swim between hindrances in the tank.

Albino Bristlenose Pleco

9. Tetras

Tetras truly are unique little Fish that can light up your tank with their shimmering tones. What is incredible about tetras is that they are so adaptable and undemanding that they can be kept in practically any tank and by nearly anybody – from amateurs to specialists.

There are more subtypes of the tetra Fish – there is the dark tetra, the neon tetra, the fire tetra, green neon tetra, cardinal tetra, and that’s only the tip of the iceberg.

Every last one has a very novel and engaging appearance, which implies that their appearance is fascinating and viable with much other Fish in the tank.

These Fish are more appropriate for tropical settings in your tank, which is very similar to the dwarf gouramis. These little, peaceful fish are very acceptable tank mates for the gouramis with everything taken into account.

10. Siamese Algae Eaters

Not exclusively do these Fish speak to an ideal ally for the dwarf gourami regarding conduct, yet these Fish will also deal with your tank as they will tidy up and dispose of the abundance of green growth in the tank.

What is extraordinary about these Fish is that you won’t need to spend a great deal to think about them and feed them since they will fundamentally benefit from green growth in the tank and pretty much anything that is left finished.

Hence, the Siamese green growth eaters would make amazing tank companions to the dwarf gouramis and are ideal for amateurs.

Siamese Algae Eater

11. Harlequin Rasboras

These stunning little Fish are another in the arrangement of little, peaceful Fish that would supplement the dwarf gouramis truly well.

Regarding appearance, these stunning little fish show some fascinating examples and shadings.

In any case, the principal factor to consider them as companions for dwarf gouramis is their character.

They are very peaceful fish that don’t prefer to disturb other Fish; these Fish will stay out of other people’s affairs and let other Fish live in harmony, which is actually what you need from Fish in such a network.

These Fish are impressively more modest than the gouramis – just around 2 inches. Yet, they would make great companions to the dwarf gouramis.

12. Zebra Danios

Zebra danios are spectacular little Fish that would liven up your container with dwarf gouramis. They appear to be unique to the gouramis – they have zebra-like stripes everywhere on their bodies, and the tones are dark and dim.

Contrasted with gouramis, it is quite a distinction, implying that they would supplement them and include another measurement in the shading palette.

However, they are also very peaceful Fish, and they will be thankful for your exertion and will reimburse you enormously.

These Fish are quite social, which implies they would collaborate truly well with the dwarf gouramis. Another beneficial thing is that they are quite tough and simple to keep up with.

zebra fish for aquarium

13. Ghost Fish (Glass Catfish)

The glass catfish are very remarkable Fish. These Fish have a straightforward look to their body, which is why they are frequently marked as phantom Fish. However, the appearance alone would settle on them a fascinating decision without a doubt to remember for the tank.

However, it has additionally pulled out all the stops; it is a very peaceful fish that likes to swim in schools of 5 or 6. This conduct will be fascinating to take a gander at – you will observe five skeletons floating around!

These Fish are quite dynamic; you will regularly observe them swim around the tank quite effectively and truly just actually stay out of other people’s affairs.

Thus, they would make astonishing companions for the dwarf gouramis. Their extraordinary appearances would mix pleasantly together. However, they are also both quite peaceful Fish.

What fish can live with dwarf gourami?

Several other kinds of fish can live harmoniously with dwarf gouramis. These fish species include plecos, mollies, barbs, scavenger catfish, platies, danios, swordtails, rasboras, and loaches.

How many dwarf Gouramis should be kept together?

They are schooling fish and should be kept in groups of five or more. If they feel secure, they will shoal together. Their colors will be more vibrant if they do. Harlequins love to have open areas with swimming and densely planted areas so they can hide from predators.

Can dwarf Gouramis live with other fish?

They are friendly but shy and will not cause trouble with other fish in the tank. They will often stay together as they are schooling fish. Dwarf Gouramis are labyrinth fish, which means that they must get oxygen from the surface.

Can dwarf gourami live with guppies?

Guppies and dwarf gouramis share very similar needs, so both can be easily accommodated in one fish tank. Guppies can be kept as small as 10 gallons in a tank, but gouramis prefer 20 gallons. Your guppies will not mind having more space.

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