Cherry Shrimp Guide For Setting Up An Ideal Aquarium

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They’re a massive load of joy to check out. It is wiser to keep recently incubated shrimps in slight saline water (5-10 ppt). Cherry shrimp are atypical and enthusiastically prescribed expansion to freshwater aquariums everywhere. Additionally, they love to nibble on algae in your tank, which is a significant advantage in itself. This aide covers all you want to know to turn into a specialist on Cherry shrimp. General information, care essentials, ideal tank conditions, and more.

The cherry shrimp is perhaps the most famous invertebrate around. Local to Taiwan, they come in different shades of red and are, truth be told, evaluated. It is lively shading and straightforwardness to keep, making it highly famous specifically for fledgling aquarists. This extreme aide will talk about the cherry shrimp review and appearance, dietary necessities, tank conditions, ideal tank mates, rearing, and substantially more.

Cherry Shrimp

Dazzling Red Cherry Shrimp

A Red Cherry Shrimp can be an incredible tiny freshwater shrimp to add to an aquarium. Their dazzling red tone truly adds magnificence to a tank, particularly one stacked with live green aquarium plants and dark rock or substrate.

Cherry Shrimp or Neocaridina heteropoda, are locals of Taiwan. In any case, the most accessible in stores today is bread in bondage as they can replicate in new water. Red Cherry Shrimp are dynamic and fascinating to watch.

Cherry Shrimp Water Parameters 

Cherry Shrimp care is simple because these spineless creatures are low support and independent. Red Cherry Shrimp are rugged and versatile to a broad scope of water conditions, giving the aquarium water stability. Water boundaries should be in the tropical local area tank range:

  • Water Temperature: 72-78 Degrees Fahrenheit cherry shrimp temperature is accurate, with a more extensive territory conceivable.
  • Aquarium pH: 7.0-7.8, albeit some propose a more extensive territory is satisfactory.
  • Aquarium Lighting: Standard group tank lighting works.

Red Cherry Shrimp appear agreeable in laid-out aquarium water on the stiff side, with a nice streaming flow. The key is to keep water conditions stable and avoid smelling salts spikes, high nitrites, and high nitrates. Likewise, be cautious while utilizing meds and, in particular, stay away from copper since it tends to be deadly to aquarium shrimp.

Cherry Shrimp Size

Cherry Shrimp Size

Cherry Shrimp develop to 1.5 inches (3.8 cm) for females and 1.25 inches (3.2 cm) for males. Female Cherry Shrimp will quite often be more significant in size contrasted with their male partners, generally due to the additional obligation of conveying their eggs under their bodies that have adjusted to this errand.

Cherry Shrimp Appearance 

Females will ordinarily grow up to 1.5 inches long, with the guys being marginally shorter. Without an uncertainty, the main piece of their appearance is their shading; indeed, cherry shrimp are reviewed. The reviewing can go from deep red to paler shadings with red spots.

  • Cherry Shrimp: These are regular cherry shrimp and are the most minimal Neocaridina heteropoda. They will generally be essentially transparent in shading with red patches.
  • Sakura Cherry Shrimp: These are somewhat redder in shading yet have specific fixes on their body.
  • Fire Red Shrimp: At this grade, the Shrimp is red.
  • Painted Fire Red Shrimp: These are the most costly and most elevated grade. They are dark solid red in shading with no specific regions. You will likewise observe they ordinarily have red legs.

No matter what they are evaluating, females will be bright and more prominent all the time. It is absurd to expect to differentiate between the guys and females as youthful Shrimp. As females mature, they will foster a seat on their stomachs; this can be orange in shading and is utilized to hold their eggs before being treated.

Cherry Shrimp Colors

Cherry Shrimp Colors

With an end goal to measure quality and worth in these Shrimp, four tones “grade” levels are utilized to group every person. They are as per the following:

  • High Grade: Painted Fire Red Cherry Shrimp are the highest grade, likewise the priciest of the pack. They are red all around their bodies, including their legs, which is elite to this grade of Shrimp.
  • Medium-High Grade: Fire Red Cherry Shrimp are only red on their bodies.
  • Mid-Range Grade: Sakura Cherry Shrimp are mainly red with dissipated clear shading spaces on their bodies.
  • Most minimal Grade: Basic Cherry Shrimp – Lowest grade and most affordable. For the most part, these are clear and have a couple of areas of red on their bodies.

The cost of these Shrimp goes up with the grade and the necessary water quality. Higher-grade Cherry shrimp need more steady/clean water conditions to flourish, while lower-grade Shrimp can endure less good water quality without becoming as focused.

Cherry Shrimp Habitat

In the wild, Neocaridina heteropoda starts in Taiwan. They live in streams and lakes encompassed by thickly pressed plants and a rough substrate. So for your aquarium, you should attempt to imitate their ordinary circumstances in the wild as intently as could be expected.

They flourish in thickly planted aquariums that have bunches of concealing cleft and greenery; you can likewise remember a few driftwoods for the tank as they will snack on the green growth from it. Similarly, they will eat the plant matter trash, making up a sensible piece of their eating regimen.

Greenery is required in the aquarium as they will prep themselves and stow away inside; you can utilize java greenery. Recollect when your Shrimp feels most secure, they will introduce themselves with the most splendid tinge.

As far as substrate, you can utilize little stones to imitate the rough substrate they are being used.

For gear, by and large, a warmer isn’t required. To keep the water temperature truly stable, you can constantly add a more benevolent, yet given the room you keep the aquarium in is warmed, it isn’t required for the most part.

A typical issue with channels is that they are too strong, which can suck your Shrimp into them. Ensure that your channels aren’t sucking your Shrimp up! You can constantly utilize an air stone if you need to oxygenate the water and are stressed over less filtration.

Cherry Shrimp Tank Requirements

Cherry Shrimp Tank Requirements

A Red Cherry Shrimp tank arrangement can be any size tank given the guidelines against overloading are observed. The tank ought to incorporate a lot of live aquarium plants. These Shrimp must have bunches of puts to slither on and investigate.

Live plants give incredible concealing spots and cover for these Shrimp. One more worth of a tank with live plants is that the tank is never “excessively spotless.” Plants shed consumable matter that will advance into the water segment and choose hard surfaces for the Shrimp to eat.

A Red Cherry Shrimp tank ought to likewise have a wipe channel. A wipe channel will trap small amounts of food, and the Shrimp will go through hours picking it clean. It’s additionally wise to keep an air stone in the tank siphoning rises into the water to assist with keeping the water moving appropriately.

Red Cherry Shrimp Tank Mates 

Red Cherry Shrimp Tank Mates 

Like different shrimps, Cherry Shrimps are incredibly serene reverses. Any reasonable person would agree they won’t ever harm other fish as they don’t have any simple shielding methods.

For this reason, it’s vital to pick their tank mates carefully. With next to zero guard capacities, your Shrimp can rapidly transform into nourishment for other fish.

As a decent guideline, higher-grade Shrimp should be set in a solitary animal group’s aquarium. At the same time, you can place lower-grade Shrimp with other tank mates. By and large, they will rise quickly to the point of balancing intermittent setbacks.

Ideal tank mates include:

  • Freshwater Snails (Ivory, Mystery, Gold Inca, Nerite, Malaysian Trumpet)
  • Catfish (Cory and Otocinclus)
  • Little Plecos
  • Predominate Gouramis
  • Little Tetras

To provide additional security to your Shrimp, you should ensure your aquarium has loads of plants and concealed spaces. Concerning fish, you ought to stay away from:

  • Oscars
  • Arowanas
  • Cichlids
  • Plate

Don’t put any ruthless fish or enormous species inside a similar tank for a standard. 

Keeping Cherry Shrimps in the Tank

It isn’t suggested you keep a cherry shrimp all alone. The most famous method for keeping Cherry Shrimp is in an animal type’s just aquarium.

While holding them together, it is suggested that you keep something like 10; this will restrict prevailing conduct. Additionally, the bigger the gathering, the more certainty shrimp will have, and you will get to see the more normal behavior.

How Many Shrimp Per Gallon?

You should add 2-5 Shrimp for each gallon when loading your tank. You can’t overload them as their profile load is nearly non-existent. As far as male to female proportion, they are fantastic to raise, so you don’t have to stress over this to an extreme; guarantee a more significant number of females than males.

If you need to change up your tank, you can add other Shrimp and snails. Shrimps, for example, the Ghost Shrimp, Vampire Shrimp, or Amano Shrimp, will be a decent match.

Red Cherry Shrimp Lifespan

If tank conditions are correct, Red Cherry Shrimp’s life expectancy is about a year or somewhat longer. They can kick the bucket not long after being added to a tank conceivably connected with pressure caused by moving water conditions or stress from being forced.

Cherry Shrimp Food and Diet

Cherry Shrimp Food and Diet

Red Cherry Shrimp taking care of isn’t troublesome in any way. Their eating routine incorporates commercial food like fish drops, shrimp pellets, fish pellets, and green growth wafers. Red Cherry Shrimp diet can likewise contain eatable plant matter shed from live aquarium plants. These are green growth eaters, benefiting from delicate green or earthy colored green growth that develops on hard surfaces and tender bio-film green growth. As green growth eaters, Cherry Shrimp can remain on light green or earthy colored green shift created as an afterthought glass of a tank and feed off it.

Red Cherry Shrimp are incredible scroungers that will assist with keeping a tank clean of uneaten food and trash like Amano Shrimp and Nerite Snails do because of their small size. They indeed will not consume as much as a portion of the bigger “tank cleaners.” So don’t consider these shrimp tank cleaning wonder laborers.

Consider their pets by their own doing. Keeping Cherry Shrimp or other tank cleaning species is anything but a substitute for legitimate tank upkeep.

Cherry Shrimp Care

As recently referenced, in general, this invertebrate is exceptionally undemanding as far as its consideration prerequisites. You ought to know that they are unbelievably delicate to copper. Copper can be found in medicine and fish feed bunches, so consistently look at the mark.

At long last, the last thing you want to be familiar with really focusing on them is that they are additionally exceptionally touchy to alkali spikes. So you ought to guarantee your water boundaries stay stable consistently.

The bigger your aquarium, the simpler it will be for you to keep up with this. Cherry shrimp care is straightforward. These creatures are exceptionally low upkeep and will flourish however long as you deal with their nuts and bolts needs.

Cherry Shrimp Breeding

To raise Cherry Shrimp fortune has smiled on you. They are one of the most superficial shrimp species to breed. They will raise. You can separate the reproducing system into three fundamental advances:

  • Pre-Breeding
  • Reproducing
  • Incubating

We should check out everything.

The initial step is setting up the aquarium for them to raise it. You can do this by ensuring the aquarium is intensely planted, giving security and solace to the Shrimp. Then, you want to ensure they are routinely taken care of with high-protein food varieties. At long last, you should raise the water temperature to 82°F.

 You ought to anticipate physically developed Shrimps (4-6 months old) to begin reproducing whenever they have gotten comfortable in an aquarium; this regularly requires 3-5 months. It will be evident whenever they have mated since when you take a gander at the female, you will see heaps of cherry shrimp eggs under her tail.

When she is conveying the eggs, it is alluded to as “berried.” You will see pregnant cherry shrimp fanning her tail during this chance to ensure the eggs get oxygen. It will take around 30 days for the eggs to hatch. You will see the child shrimps look close indistinguishable from their folks, except for a lot more modest!

They should be kept in a developed aquarium as a recently cycled aquarium won’t contain the moment life forms that the child shrimps depend on to eat. If you’re concerned, they need more to eat. You can establish something they can eat with leaves; Anacharis is a genuine model.

You will likewise see that grown-ups don’t make great guardians during this stage. They will leave the child Shrimp to battle for themselves.

Cherry Shrimp Price

Many major and minor variables assume a pivotal part in deciding the expense of your beloved cherry shrimp. Regular cherry shrimp cost somewhere between $1.50 and $3.00 per shrimp. Higher grades cost somewhere between $3.00 and $8.00 per shrimp, contingent upon the quality and the reproducer.

Wrap Up

We trust you’ve found this cherry shrimp care guide accommodating. They are phenomenal Shrimp that add tone and interest to any freshwater aquarium. Their challenging nature makes them ideal for novices hoping to stretch out from simply keeping fish.

Cherry shrimp are a significant expansion to any freshwater tank as long as you have a viable arrangement of tank mates. They’re enjoyable to notice, excellent in their appearance, and gainful to your tank. 

Assuming that you’re thinking about adding some, we strongly suggest it. It will assist with keeping away from pervasion and mortality due to clitella annelid since this parasite can’t endure saline water. The discoveries of this study can be utilized as a rule for culturists inspired by the large-scale manufacturing of this decorative Shrimp for the aquarium business.


Do cherry shrimp eat their babies?

Macros are deft trackers, so they will eat any tiny shrimp, including their own young, on the off chance that the open door emerges. With bunches of cover, numerous youthful macros will make due in a similar tank as their folks, yet it’s ideal for bringing them up in a different tank from the grown-ups.

How many Shrimp in a 10-gallon tank can fit?

You can have up to 10 shrimp for every 1 gallon of water. For instance: A 10-gallon aquarium could house up to 100 dwarf shrimp. Be that as it may, an incredible beginning stage could be five Shrimp for each 1 gallon of water.

How do you know if Shrimp is pregnant?

They have 20-30 eggs, which require 2-3 weeks to bring forth. The eggs are green or yellow, contingent upon the shade of the saddle. They turn increasingly dark until the young shrimp hatch after around three weeks. As the eggs close to the end phases of development, you can notice small dim eyespots of the Shrimp inside.

Do cherry shrimps breed quickly?

Cherry shrimp are excellent and condition lenient when contrasted with different assortments of Shrimp. It makes them magnificent fledgling shrimp. They are not difficult to raise and keep up with, and they will generally stow away from hunters.

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