Neon Tetra and Shrimp | Can They Live Together? Guide

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When you compare the habitat requirements of Tetras and Shrimps, they tend to share many similarities. They both prefer the same water temperature, pH, and hardness levels. Therefore, they will co-exist in the same environment.

Quick Answer

The tetra is an omnivore, meaning that it consumes both animal and plant matter. Shrimp are viewed as prey by most omnivorous fish, whereas shrimp may be higher than the food chain.

It is also important to take into account the position both species hold in the food chain when considering compatibility.

Taking these conditions into consideration, we can infer that tetras are able to eat shrimp and they will do so at some point in their lives. 

Therefore, you should take the risk of having your tetras eating any shrimp present in their tank into account.

Neon Tetra and Shrimp | Can They Live Together? Guide

Neon Tetra and Shrimp

Make sure that the fish you put in your aquarium are the right kind when adding shrimp – some fish breeds can become aggressive and result in harm to your shrimp.

In actuality, there are other fish, both small and large, that live peacefully with shrimp. We will, however, focus on neon tetra and shrimp in this post.

The neon tetra and shrimp are a great combination in the shrimp tank, and it is very common for them both to exist together. Therefore, read on and discover everything you need to know about neon tetra and shrimp!


Nevertheless, the impact of a few other factors is also significant. Let’s examine them in more detail.

Size Difference

Despite the fact that they may prefer to feed on small creatures, Tetras will generally do not chase or attack larger creatures just to get food.

When shrimp are small, you won’t have to worry about tetras troubling them. Most shrimp grow about an inch long, which is half the size of most home aquariums. At this size, they are not as attractive to tetras.

Tetra’s Temperament Characteristics

Tetras are usually peaceful pets. They are generally calm and would rarely attack others in their aquarium. They may, however, become aggressive if they are constantly stressed or hungry.

Tetra's Temperament Characteristics

But there is a risk to keeping small invertebrates with certain species like the black skirt tetra and serpae tetra. These species nip at shrimp more often than other peaceful tetras.

Resource Availability

Generally, Tetras do not have an excessive appetite. They usually eat live prey only when they are left without food. Well-fed tetras are rarely troublesome to their tankmates.

If you feed your tetras well, the shrimp should be okay with them. If you keep them in a well-planted tank, the shrimp will have enough shelter to avoid the fish. This will also cut down on the likelihood that the shrimp will be caught and eaten.

Does Neon Tetra Get Along with Shrimp?

As we mentioned earlier, these two pets will be fine keeping each other. Most neon tetra fish will get along with your shrimp. Just be careful that the fish is not aggressive.

Also, keep in mind that you don’t want large or aggressive fish in with your pets. In fact, shrimp and neon fish can easily be attacked. So choose other fish species carefully.

In addition to this, since neon tetras won’t eat shrimp, they may try to be both annoying and harass dwarf shrimp. Therefore, we recommend getting some larger shrimp in order to prevent this outcome.

Important Note

While the shrimp will not be injured, the tetra will not be happy about being chased by the dwarf shrimp. And, if the shrimp are being bred, the neon could end up eating the babies. This is dependent on the tank environment, however.

The majority of the time that goes well, although sometimes a more aggressive personality can take away from the community aspect of a Betta. I would guess 1 % of the time that will be the case and that 1% of the time may be feeling concerned about their aggression.

Besides the latter point, there is also the bossy Betta. Something like this is a nuisance toward other aquarium fish, just to scare them, but does not attack. I had a female Tetra that was the boss of her group and I can assure them she was the boss.

There was an additional fish, a male, which attacked the fish every once in a while, but then would go swimming around the boys until he became tired and would go lay on his log for rest.

Keep an eye on them all anyway and try doing it and leave the light on low or off to allow a bit of calm, and feed the fish separately first before adding them together. To avoid them becoming “hungry”, feed them in small amounts at first and then add more later.

Shrimp owners with many fish often have good luck with many reproductions, which allows them to retain their fish in the tank.

The adage that says anything that fits in your mouth can be eaten is true, but fish used to just take bites out of the shrimp in attack mode, which is of course also fatal for them and leaves shrimp snacks all around for lots to share.

The water parameters of your bowl should be checked frequently, and you should limit the amount of food you supply. Algae can be grown on pebbles in a heated glass vase or container in a sunny window. This should not alter the water parameters.

What Would Neon Tetras Look Like in A Shrimp Tank?

What Would Neon Tetras Look Like in A Shrimp Tank?

These fish get along easily with shrimp and other fish breeds, so a shrimp tank is perfect for them. However, avoid putting your neon tetra alone because this fish needs company.

The neons will get testy if there aren’t other neons around. This doesn’t mean that they will attack your shrimp. But they will be smaller and have a lower metabolic rate.

Neons are not the fastest fish, and they are not that agile, as well. So the likelihood of them swimming around and annoying shrimp is unlikely.

Additionally, the neon tetra has a similar size to shrimps, which brings them down to a lower level. Just make sure you get plenty of neon tetras for them.

Neon Tetras and Shrimp Perfect Conditions of Tank

  • A shrimp and neon tetra have similar water needs, so you have to provide the right water conditions in the tank for both of them.
  • Despite that, it is still important to pay attention to the specific needs of both animals when it comes to choosing the best tank for them. For example, we strongly recommend getting a large tank.
  • A minimum twenty-gallon tank will be sufficient to hide your shrimp in a school of neon tetras. If you want, however, you can get a bigger tank!
  • Plants and other decorations are important since shrimp like to be covered in their tank environment. Therefore, you should make sure you get these to fill your tank as well.
  • Fake plants are great, but make sure they are safe for your pets and will not hurt them. Both pets will appreciate a tank that is fully decorated. In addition, make sure the water conditions are stable and correct.
  • Shrimp and tetras don’t like water conditions that are constantly changing. The water temperatures need to be between 75 degrees and 82 degrees.
  • If these conditions are significantly different from normal, a heating tank might be needed. Also, consider the pH level.
  • Shrimp and fish can both be measured using the same range, but please check that the measurement is correct!

What Will Your Pets Eat?

What Will Your Pets Eat?

There will be differences in their dietary requirements. Shrimp will eat almost anything they can get their hands on. In fact, they even like to eat debris and waste that floats around in the tank.

The good news is that this will help clean up your tank. However, you still need to make sure that you provide your shrimp with nutrition. We recommend using flakes and pellets that are specifically made for shrimp. This will help keep them healthy and disease-free.

Follow the Point

In contrast, Neon tetra likes both meat and plant matter, which is why you ought to feed them in both ways if you want to keep them happy and peaceful.

The usual foods are flakes and pellets, however, you may also add in other foods like frozen or live meals. You can also feed your pet freeze-dried foods too. The key is to make sure that you give your pet a variety.

However, you also need to be cautious during feeding time. It’s unlikely that your pets will fight, but it’s still important that they interact with one another the first time you feed them. If there are no fights, they should be able to share the food.

Does the Tetra Eat Shrimp?

Yes, most tetras will eat shrimp. 

Some aquarium owners keep shrimp in their tanks to make the aquarium lively. These tiny creatures are great at cleaning the aquarium as well. 

Quick Answer

In some cases, but unfortunately, a few fish like to eat the shrimp. If you keep shrimp with these fish, chances are they will eat the shrimp. Let us find out whether tetras will eat shrimp.

In most cases, if you keep shrimp with peaceful tetras, like neons and rummy noses, the risk of the shrimp being eaten is small. However, aggressive tetras, such as black skirts and rainbows can harm the shrimp.

Does a Neon Tetra Eat Cherry Shrimp?

It depends on how close tetras come to cherry shrimp in the tank. If they get too close, the shrimp may try to eat the tetra. Although they may manage to get away, it can cause the shrimp considerable stress.

Quick Answer

The neon tetra will consume any baby cherry shrimp. They are slow and easy to catch, so small cherry shrimp are available to be eaten. When it gets big, however, it will no longer cause any danger to the fish.

Does Neon Tetra Eat Other Fish?

In spite of their peaceful nature, neon tetras are typically regarded as targets for larger fish because of their small size.

Even though neon tetras are omnivores, they do not consume other fish to satisfy their nutritional needs. Rather, they will feed on invertebrates, insect larvae, and worms.

Quick Answer

If you keep neon tetras in a home aquarium, you should feed them brine shrimp, bloodworms, and other freeze-dried food in addition to their fish food. 

As long as neon tetras are properly fed and kept in groups big enough, they won’t harm other fish.

Topic Summary

It is fine to put shrimp in the tank with all kinds of fish breeds and aquatic pets. But you must be careful in putting together a tank with some fish breeds that don’t go well with shrimp.

Neon tetras are smaller fish that prefer the same water conditions as shrimp. These small fish could be eaten by large fish. Thus, you can prepare your aquarium to house both pets. Just make sure to maintain a satisfactory level of water warmth and cleanliness.

Be sure to add enough tetras to your tank, as well, and make sure that your aquarium is large enough to accommodate both fish. Make sure that the aquarium is well-lit and that it has plenty of hiding space for their pets as well.

Neon tetras and shrimps will do very well together if you follow all the tips we talked about.

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