Best Betta Fish Tanks 2021 – Reviews

Last updated on December 24th, 2022 at 11:05 am

Best Betta Fish Tanks

If you’ve searched for the best Betta fish tanks, your search ends here. Before we move on to the list of Betta aquariums, there are a few things to know about these fish.   

Betta fish are beautiful and impressive fish that can appeal to anyone who enjoys keeping pet fish. If you want to pay a little more attention to these fish, this is the place to buy.   

They are also known as Siamese fighting fish. As the name suggests, they like to live alone. These fish need more space and air to breathe, so you can’t keep them in small aquariums or aquariums.                

With all of these factors in mind, we’ve compiled a list of the Best Betta Fish Tanks that will perfectly meet your needs. There are hundreds of options on the market, so you can’t choose from any. To make things easier, we’ve reviewed the Best betta fish Tanks from around the world and put together a list.         

We will begin!

Factors to Consider When Buying the Best Betta Fish Tanks

Best Betta Fish Tanks

Before moving on to the 13 Best Betta Fish Tanks and Their Features list, you should know what factors determine the best Betta aquarium for you. These are the factors that will help you make the right decision.               

1. Tank size

It is recommended that you choose a tank that holds at least 5 gallons of water or more. It would give them plenty of room to swim, and you wouldn’t have to worry about their excitement.   

There are also a wide variety of betta fish species out there, and if you are unfamiliar with them, we recommend that you do your research first. Each species needs a different space, so the aquarium’s size will depend on the type of fish you have.          

2. Tank heater

Betta fish come from Cambodia and Thailand. They love hot temperatures and have survived those temperatures permanently. Now you need to make sure they are hot enough. First of all, you should always keep the water temperature in your tank at least 30 ° C with suitable heating.        

Second, if you already live in places where the temperature is warm enough, you may not need heating at all. But make sure the weather is 78 to 80 degrees Fahrenheit again.   

In either case, it is necessary to bring a thermometer as you can monitor the tank’s temperature at any time.

3. Tank filter

Every tank gets dirty from time to time. Under such conditions, betta fish can hardly thrive. Therefore, you must provide a filter for the tanks. Choosing a tank that already has a built-in filter may be the best option.         

These fish come from a very clear ecosystem, and any neglect could cost them their lives. If you don’t plan to install a filter, you should change the water in the tank at least every three days. It may work for a while, but it gets a bit hectic in the long run. It is, therefore, better to install a filter or buy one that already has one.               

Top 17 Best Betta Fish Tanks Reviews

1. Marineland 5 Gallon Vertical Glass LED Aquarium Kit  

MarineLand Best Betta Tank

The kit aquariums MarineLand is located in the most elegant of the aquarium market. With more space and a healthy ecosystem, this could be the perfect solution for your fish. This aquarium has a curved glass frame that holds 5 gallons of water.                

By discussing the factors, we conclude that five gallons may be the perfect amount of water depending on the type of Betta you have. This tank’s most unique feature is that it has three advanced filtration stages hidden from the rear wall, which have an adjustable filter pump.   

Filters play a vital role in keeping the tank clean, and they got the job done. We were also delighted with the ease of cleaning the tank. The tank’s portrait mode is designed to allow you to quickly lay down gravel and plants to create a complete ecosystem for your fish while still leaving plenty of room to breathe.      

This aquarium was equipped with top-hinged LED lights for better accessibility. It has a white light for a sparkle and sparkle effect in the water and blue light for a relaxing but moonlit experience. The best part is that they’re all energy-efficient, so you don’t have to worry about the light being turned off at all times.        

The light may be too bright, so you need to adjust the setting correctly not to hurt your eyes or fish. The whole structure of the tank looked sturdy and well built enough that no fish could escape and it is well protected. If you think of so many functions, it would cost you a fortune. Fortunately, this aquarium is entirely under the budget and will meet your needs perfectly.                  


  •       Large size and space
  •       Advanced filtration mechanism
  •       Convenient placement of light
  •       Robust and well protected
  •       Easy to clean


  •       LED is too bright
  •       The filter generates a strong current
  •       No preset heater available

2. Aqueon 10-gallon LED aquarium kit 


Aqueon 10 Gal LED Aquarium Kit

The Aqueon aquarium kit has a capacity of 10 gallons of water, an ideal set for betta fish. This aquarium has several unique features that make it one of the Best Betta Fish Tanks you will find.                           

First, it has an advanced filtration mechanism in 5 steps, with the elimination of particles, activated carbon, biological sleeve patented, of a grid environment natural and a special filter, with the help of which all particles and dirt can be removed individually at each stage.             

Besides, it has a unique LED indicator that indicates when the cartridge needs to be changed.

The energy-efficient LED dome includes three sets of LED lights that breathe new life into the ecosystem. It is recommended that you leave the lights on for at least 8-10 hours during the day and turn them off at night. This tank was also equipped with an immersion heater with an automatic safety function and turned off automatically.      

Not to mention that it is straightforward to assemble all the components of the tank. You have received an appropriate manual to help you set up the aquarium. The kit includes an electric filter with cartridges, a 50W water heater, fish food, a water purifier, and a plug-in thermometer to monitor the tank temperature at all times.      

The price range of this tank is quite affordable. With this aquarium, you get all of this for such a reasonable price. As one of the top-rated betta aquariums, this could be the perfect choice for you.      


  •       Extended filter mechanism
  •       High bay LED
  •       Preset water heater
  •       Affordable
  •       Easy to install


  •       Noisy filter
  •       The heater does not have a controller to increase/decrease the temperature.

3. Aquarium Hagen HG Fluval Flex 57L      


Hagen HG Fluval Flex Aquarium 57L

The Hagen HG Fluval Flex aquarium has a beautifully slim design. This tank is intended for freshwater only and provides excellent access to multicolored lights.             

A large 57L water capacity makes it an economical option for various customers looking for the best aquarium for Betta fish.

The powerful advanced three-stage filtration mechanism ensures that the water quality remains superior at all times.

An essential and exclusive feature of this aquarium is its multicolored, fully remote-controlled lighting. It has 48 white lights and adjustable 6RGB LEDs that mix the ecosystem atmosphere to light up anytime.   

In the rear compartment, there is a double multidirectional outlet for a smooth and uninterrupted water flow. The curved glass on the front of the tank gives the interior an air of a majestic aquatic environment.   

The included remote control for controlling the lights also can create special effects like lightning, cloud fading, etc. The tank has enough room to add a radiator and bubbler (if needed) for better performance in terms of space.      

Customers who have been using the reservoir for a while find the pump slows down a bit over time and should be replaced. The price quoted for this product is at an average level. If you think you can add extra dollars to purchase this tank, you will do the right thing.      

While there are other options with similar features and a lower price tag, in the end, it’s the durability that counts. Choose wisely!   


  •       Large size and shape
  •       Extended filter mechanism
  •       Remote controlled lighting
  •       Sleek curved glass


  •       It does not include preset heating
  •       The motor will slow down over time.
  •       Bad customer service

4. Fluval Edge aquarium with LED light    


Fluval Edge Aquarium with LED Light

The Fluval Edge Aquarium is a cube-shaped Betta aquarium with a capacity of only 6 gallons of water. The unique design of this tank sets it apart from the rest.           

Sleek, sleek and angular would better define the architecture. Moreover, it gives you a vivid 3D look and takes care of your eyes.   

This tank can be viewed from 6 sides thanks to its unique cubic shape. The design of the aquarium is impressive and has been built very well. Even you won’t be able to see the cables connected to it.      

If you have limited space in your office or at home, this could be perfect. While this tank has a lower capacity than others, its overall compact design could be a great option. It was also fitted with white and blue LED lights for full illumination even at night.      

The reservoir can be filled to the brim and won’t spill a drop due to the surprisingly sealed countertop. This reduces evaporation and requires less maintenance. It is also equipped with a large opening, which provides the fish with sufficient oxygen.      

Fluval Edge has an advanced three-stage filtration mechanism that is completely concealed so that the tank design does not appear foggy. This filtration mechanism ensures that the water remains clear at all times.          

Since there are no heaters installed, you will have to purchase one that has been rated the best on Amazon. And remember always to keep the temperature at least 78 degrees. You can also install a bubbler for fun and entertainment. If you want to fill your tank to create a good ecosystem, just add live plants. It not only looks good, but it also helps to purify your water naturally.            


  •       Sleek and elegant design
  •       Amazing sealed counter
  •       White and blue LED lights up
  •       Extended filter mechanism


  •       Noisy filter
  •       Difficult to clean

5. Fluval Spec V aquarium kit 


Fluval Spec V Aquarium Kit

The Fluval Spec V is the best 5 gallon choice for your Betta aquarium. A powerful 37 LED lighting system illuminates the tank throughout the day. However, you may want to be careful that the LED heats up with continued use.                  

This tank features an advanced three-stage filtration mechanism, which is carefully concealed by the honeycomb design of this aquarium. Filtration helps provide chemical, mechanical, and biological steps to remove all the dirt from the water and give fish a healthy ecosystem.   

You will also find that the lighting system is hung above the aquarium, which is a perfect location. The light is evenly distributed and illuminated throughout the tank, making the bright color of the fish even more impressive.   

On top of all that, you get a porous foam blocker with a suitable handle, activated carbon, and BioMax rings to perform the three filtration stages very smoothly. Since it does not come with a heater, you can purchase it separately with a thermometer to keep the temperature accurate for the fish.               

Setting up this tank is pretty straightforward, but it does take a bit of time and effort to get to the point where the water is perfect for fish life. Keep adding small pieces of ammonia to the tank and monitor the temperature and chemical content. You can always add gravel, plants, and other decorations to create a suitable ecosystem for your fish.       


  •       Slim and compact design
  •       Easy to clean
  •       Perfect placement of lights
  •       Plenty of room for fish to swim, even with decorations
  •       Very quiet filter      


  •       No pre-installed heater
  •       Problem reported with lights

6. LED marine aquarium kit

Marina LED Aquarium Kit

The Marine Aquarium LED is perfect for any beginner or for anyone looking for a change. This is one of the best-sized tanks for Betta fish as it comes in three sizes, namely 5, 10, and 20 gallons. The perfect size would be 20 gallons, while the five and 10-gallon tanks would be an average size for your betta fish.      

This aquarium comes with all the necessary equipment to set it up correctly, especially for beginners. If you feel stuck at any point, proper advice is provided to make it easier for you.   

To ensure that the tank is always on, it has been fitted with energy-saving LED lights. These lamps are durable and can be used all day. However, you need to be careful that these bright lights can irritate your fish. This is why it is advisable to turn it off from time to time.         

The 10 gallon and 20-gallon filtration systems have a pressure filter that can be easily changed. Along with this, you get an organic supplement that will help remove toxic chemicals and pollutants from the water. It uses a Nutarfin Aqua Plus water conditioner to keep the water clean so the fish can swim comfortably.                     

Besides, you do not need to buy fish food from the market because the kit that already contains Fluval fish food ensures that your fish is healthy. In addition, a fishing net is included to ensure that your fish are well protected and that these delicate little fish are not damaged. You get all of this for a nominal price, which is perfect.                  


  •       Great for beginners
  •       Quick change filter cartridges
  •       Available in 3 sizes
  •       Easy to install and maintain
  •       Silent filter


  •       No pre-installed heater
  •       The lights are sometimes too bright

7. Kit glass aquarium Contour MarineLand with on light rail   


MarineLand Contour Glass Aquarium Kit with Rail Light

The MarineLand Contour is another stylish glass aquarium that comes in two different sizes, namely 3 gallons and 5 gallons. Opting for the 5-gallon tank is best as it is an average size that your fish would love to swim in. While the three girls would be too small for the betta fish.                          

This 5-gallon aquarium has a curved, glass-like structure that makes everything in the tank look vibrant and bright. The presence of an LED lighting system above the tank uses bright white and blue LEDs that work both day and night. Plus, the lights are energy-efficient and save money on the go.                

The advanced 3-stage filtration system was created to ensure the water is clean and clear for the fish. These include mechanical filtration, chemical filtration, and biological filtration. It was equipped with an adjustable flow filter pump and a Z filter cartridge. The filter is designed so that it cannot be seen from outside the aquarium.         

Marineland Contour has a glass roof that slides out of place very quickly, allowing you to feed your fish and check the water condition at all times. If you want to install a heater for your tropical betta fish, you will need to purchase it separately, as neither comes with the tank. You may also want a thermometer to keep the temperature under control.         


  •       Extended filter system
  •       Affordable
  •       Stylistic look
  •       High quality


  •       No pre-installed heater
  •       Three Girls Tank is not suitable for Betta fish
  •       Strong water jet

8. Tetra Crescent Acrylic Aquarium Kit

Tetra Crescent Acrylic Aquarium Kit

The Tetra Crescent Acrylic Aquarium is one of the most trusted and trusted brands selling top quality tanks around the world. This 5-gallon aquarium is perfect for your kitchen, bedroom, living room, or even bedroom.   

This curved front aquarium is everything you were looking for. If you’re a beginner or looking for a change of pace, this easy-to-install tank is for you. Besides, it has energy-efficient LEDs, which can save you money by saving energy. The whole aquarium is lit by bright white LEDs, and the view is magnificent.         

The tank is a bit small, but the betta fish can easily fit with enough space. It has a mechanical filter with the help of which the water can be cleaned using filter cartridges. This tank was equipped with activated carbon to remove odors and discoloration.      

Apart from that, the kit consists of an internal Tetra Whisper filter and a bio bag, which can be used to remove chemicals from the water. The blacktop cover is made of plastic. You can remove it, feed the fish, and even track the tank water with every change.      

There was a problem with the too-wide cap, which caused the fish to jump out of the water. Also, the lid did not fit very well since receiving it. So there are some things to consider.      


  •       Easy to install and maintain
  •       Silent filter
  •       Cheap and affordable
  •       Low consumption LED


  •       No pre-installed heater
  •       Lid issues reported

9. Aquarium black Aqueon 10 gallons


Aqueon 10 Gal Black Aquarium

The Aqueon Aquarium is one of the cheapest tanks you will find. It is a 10-gallon tank with an effortless and straightforward design and delicious quality glass. If you want to build your tank kit from scratch, this is the perfect option.              

This tank comes in very protective packaging so that it will not break. Also, it would help if you understood that although it is shallow, the overall price increases when you buy other products.   

These products include a filter, tropical fish warmer, thermometer, plants, decorations, and even the lid. You literally have to buy everything else if you want to turn it into a fancy aquarium     

Also, consider purchasing a 100-pound rack that can support the weight of this tank. The design is sturdy, and the most important thing is that the tank is bonded very well so that you don’t have to worry about leaks.   

The betta fish you bought will love to swim in it because they are quite large and all the space will be open to them. If you are a beginner, we recommend that you have at least a good filter and heater mechanism.   

Undoubtedly, you need to take care of all the equipment in a timely manner, from maintenance to cleaning the tank. But if your budget is tight, this is for you.   


  •       Simple and robust design
  •       Good quality glass
  •       Cheap and affordable
  •       Great for beginners


  •       No cover
  •       Must be carefully maintained
  •       You need to buy all other devices separately

10. Fluval 10517 Spec III aquarium kit 


Fluval 10517 Spec III Aquarium Kit

The Fluval Spec III is a modern aquarium specially designed for small areas such as desks and counters. The 2.6-gallon water capacity is something you may find a little underwhelming outside of all of its other features.             

This tank has a beautiful frosted glass with aluminum trim. It has a powerful 31 LED lighting system that gives 20% more results and a bright light illuminating the entire tank. This would make fish and plants more visible.      

An advanced three-stage filtration system is located in a separate chamber on the tank’s side, which performs various processes to clean the tank.

It contains activated carbon, a porous foam block with a handle, and Biomax bio-rings, used in the mechanical, biological, and chemical processes to keep the tank clean and clear for fish.          

Unfortunately, the lighting system does not have blue LEDs for the nighttime effect that you can find on other tanks. Additionally, the tank is a bit smaller than the standard tanks you’ve seen, so the water flow may not always be right for your little betta fish. It would help if you kept this under control before you buy.      

Otherwise, it’s a great aquarium overall. The price range seems pretty normal too. Only when you can put a little more money into your budget is it a good option.      


  •       Extended filter system
  •       Powerful LED lights
  •       Slim and modern design
  •       Easy to clean and maintain


  •       Tiny tank with little capacity
  •       Blue LED lights not included
  •       Heating not included

11. EcoQube Aquarium     


EcoQube Aquarium

The EcoQube aquarium has a compact and simple design that is suitable for a single Betta fish. You can keep this tank in your office or use it for decorating your home. The water capacity is only 2 gallons, which is very little for a Betta fish to thrive.              

This tank contains an aquaponic filter integrated into the aquarium. Herbs such as basil or mint are used to keep the tank clean.   

These plans are invaluable because they help clean up fish waste and nitrates and purify water. You may not need to change filters very often, as the plants themselves act as a natural filter.   

It is also equipped with wireless remote control that controls the LED lights. These lights mount above the tank and have different day and night light modes that you can change using the remote control.   

Apart from these, the kit includes house sand, ornaments, mountain rocks to decorate, and plants to grow. The best part is that this tank doesn’t require a lot of maintenance as it uses fewer features in your aquarium, and everything is done naturally.   

Although it is a small tank, it is straightforward to install. The price range can be a problem, but if you’re willing to spend the money, this is for you.   


  •       Comfortable and easy to configure
  •       Wireless remote control for lights
  •       Aquaponics filtration system
  •       Self-cleaning
  •       Excellent customer service


  •       Small
  •       It does not include heating
  •       A little expensive

12. Return to the Roots Water Garden

Back to the Roots Water Garden

Back to the Roots Water Garden is a 3-gallon aquarium designed by the California startup. This reservoir is a closed ecosystem in which the properties of aquaponics are applied. It is a combination of fish farming, i.e., aquaculture and hydroponics, in which the plants are grown in nutrient-rich water.      

The concept of this aquarium is to use it in two ways. One would buy growing plants, and the other would use it as a regular reservoir for betta fish. On the cover, you can plant various plants that can produce food.      

And under the cover, there is a small tank for your fish. The excretion of ammonia from the fish would serve as a nutrient for the plants, and in turn, the plants could purify the water and add nutrients to it. For this reason, it is called a self-cleaning tank, which does not need a filtration mechanism because the natural process is fair.      

Apart from that, the kit contains organic wheatgrass seeds and radish sprouts, a voucher for your Betta fish, fish food, natural fertilizers, a silent submersible water pump, gravel, and rocks of growth. These are all for those who are just starting or are beginners. It would work great if you put the tank in, and you can do it quickly.      

In terms of price, it is also quite normal and affordable. The only problem is that it has no heat. If you have a tropical fish, you may need a heater to keep the water hot and at the right temperature.      


  •       Self-cleaning
  •       Aquaponics system
  •       Very easy to maintain
  •       Affordable


  •       Small tank
  •       There’s no place to warm up

13. Tetra Waterfall Globe 1.8 Gallon Aquarium Kit

Tetra 1.8 Gallon Waterfall Globe Aquarium Kit

The 1.8 Gallon Tetra Kit is an aquarium for those who are just starting. Regardless of the size of the fish, this would be a great option. Although the tank capacity is too small, a small betta fish can thrive very well in the ecosystem.      

This tank has a unique built-in filtration, which also acts as a waterfall above the aquarium. It’s like a classic aquarium, but with better properties and filtration systems.   

The aquarium has an electric pump filter, which is very quiet and works perfectly. You can also easily change the filter cartridge as it lasts at least a month at a time. You will also receive an additional cartridge with the kit.      

But you should be aware that the water flow may be too much for your Betta fish. To solve this problem, you can fill the container to the brim, which will reduce the flow of electricity. It is equipped with eight bright LED lights, which are impressive during the day and create a beautiful moonlight effect at night. You can quickly turn it on and off with the button on the back of the bowl.         

This aquarium can be filled with colorful gravel, decorative stones, plants, and ornaments to create a good ecosystem for your fish. But make sure the fish has less room to swim as this is a tiny aquarium. The best part is that it is very durable and portable. It takes up very little space and can be stored on your desk, living room, office, etc.         


  •       Very practical and easy to configure
  •       Affordable and inexpensive
  •       It has a cascade filter system
  •       Very slim and classic design.
  •       Very quiet pump


  •       The size is small
  •       No heating available
  •       Water current too high for Betta fish

14. Koller AquaView 6- Gallon 360 Aquarium    


Koller AquaView 6-Gallon 360 Fish Tank

The AquaView 360 aquarium is a cylindrical shaped mini aquarium with a capacity of 6 gallons. This tank is made of plastic and is therefore absolutely airtight to ensure maximum durability. Besides, the plastic’s quality is much higher than that of other aquariums and offers an unobstructed view of the entire aquarium.              

The energy-efficient LED lights have seven different colors to choose from, illuminating the entire tank. With around four transitions and color combinations like amber, aqua, blue, green, purple, red, and daytime white, you can choose depending on the day.   

This tank has a power filter built into the aquarium at a flow rate of approximately 45 gallons per hour. This filter helps remove contaminants, odors, heavy metals, fish droppings, etc. At this speed, the water flow may not be suitable for Betta fish. However, taking some precautions can make things a bit smoother, but not quite right.       

It would take up around 1 foot of space and fit right in anywhere you want it, whether at home or in the office. If you have a tropical fish, you will need a heater to keep it warm. Since the kit does not include a heater, you will need to purchase one along with the thermometer. Also, the tank is inexpensive and very cheap if you are on a budget.         


  •       Multicolored LED lights
  •       Powerful performance filter
  •       Waterproof plastic
  •       Affordable and inexpensive


  •       It does not include heating
  •       Water current too high for Betta fish
  •       Small

15. 3-gallon Tetra LED cube aquarium

Tetra LED Cube Shaped 3 Gallon Aquarium

The Tetra LED Bucket aquarium is a perfect betta tank for the kitchen, living room, office, bedroom, etc. This 3-gallon tank has a sleek and sleek glass design and offers unobstructed views of the tank on all four sides. 

This kit includes a Tetra 3i filter that will keep your tank clean and free of contaminants and contaminants. As there is no electric filter, the small Betta fish are protected from water currents, damaging them.   

Additionally, the tank has an LED light that is attached to the top of the tank. The light is bright enough to illuminate the entire tank throughout the day.   

Apart from that, the tank has a base floor filled with gravel layers, on which the statues can comfortably stand in the water. You can even have plants, stones, and other decorations to decorate your tank however you like. It’s easy to set up the tank from scratch and decorate it however you like.      

With enough space in the tank, your Betta fish can easily swim. The top cap has a small space for feeding fish and is made of glass and acrylic. In terms of price range and customer reviews, this is a great product, especially for newbies. Even professionals can try if they are looking for a change for something smaller and cheaper.         


  •       Low voltage power supply
  •       Durable and portable
  •       Affordable
  •       Silent filter
  •       Perfect LED lights


  •       No heating available
  •       Small tank
  •       The quality of the filter is not up to par

16. Mini Umbra FishHotel Aquarium   


Umbra FishHotel Mini Aquarium

The Umbra FishHotel aquarium is a new Betta aquarium with a modern design, ideal for small fish. It is a current apartment-like structure that can hold up to 1.8 gallons of water.              

While this is a microscopic structure, unlike what a Betta fish would want, it would fit perfectly if you have a small fish.

The entire structure is made of ABS plastic and has several windows that surround the aquarium. The outer covering is removable to match any color you want and wherever you place it.   

It is super thin and stackable. You can keep two of them on top of each other like floors in an apartment, and they’ll act like a custom aquarium. This is a single company agreement.      

First of all, there were problems. It does not contain a filter, and you may need to purchase one along with the radiator. Although this tank’s cost is meager, adding a few more parts would increase the overall cost, which may not be cheap. This is a straightforward yet modern design so that it could be an easy choice for beginners.         

You can add the decorations and adjust whatever you want according to your needs. Since it is a small tank, you can store it anywhere, for example. For example, B. in your room, bookshelf, bedroom, kitchen, office, etc. It doesn’t take up much space, so it’s perfect for your first tank experience and then buying a new one with better features.       


  •       Modern design
  •       Thin and stackable
  •       Lightweight and portable
  •       Affordable and inexpensive
  •       Good for beginners


  •       No filter and heater
  •       Difficult to maintain

17. Penn Plax Vertex Desktop Aquarium Kit

Penn Plax Vertex Desktop Aquarium Kit

The Penn Plax Vertex Aquarium is a great starter kit for any beginner looking for a basic aquarium for their Betta fish. This tank is perfect for your little Betta fish, with an average capacity of 2.7 gallons of water.   

This tank features a Cascade 20 power filter that works great to remove the contaminant from the water very quickly. You can also control the water flow.   

Besides, you can quickly dispose of the cartridge or replace it with a new one. It even has a leveling device to keep it stable and in place. The Penn Plax Aquarium contains a professional grade nylon speed mesh net that allows you to catch fish safely and much faster.               

Unlike the other tanks, this one is equipped with a thermometer, which is supplied with the packaging. This ensures that it is at the ideal temperature for your tank and periodically checks that it is neither too cold nor too hot. Since tropical fish like a warm temperature, a temperature between 78 and 80 degrees is ideal.      

There are two other things you might want to purchase for the perfect aquarium: a heater and LED lights. These two are very important for all Betta fish. Warming would ensure that the water is maintained at the optimum temperature so that the fish can thrive in the ecosystem.       

Likewise, the tank would need some light to illuminate your home and get the perfect picture of the brightly colored fish. Even the cost of this tank is pretty average, so it works fine. If you are still on a budget, you can save some extra money and get the best tank for Betta.      


  •       Power filter
  •       Mesh included
  •       Portable and compact
  •       Silent filter
  •       Great for beginners


  •       It does not contain LED lights
  •       Small tank for a big betta fish

Tips for setting up your Best Betta Fish aquarium

Best Betta Fish Tanks

Once you have selected the best tank for your Betta fish, you need to understand your fish’s perfect setup to thrive in the ideal ecosystem.

1. The preparation aquarium      

The first thing to do is wash the tank the way you want it first. Then you have to find the perfect place to put it. It can be your living room, bedroom, study, kitchen, etc. Some Betta aquariums also require a stand, depending on their capacity. It all depends on the size of your tank.           

If it is large, there is nowhere to store it as it would take up a lot of space. If it’s small, you can keep it anywhere you like.   

2. Install the filter of the tank        

Each tank has different filters and different functions. This, therefore, requires a good understanding of how to install them. Many packages contain proper instructions and a manual to help you place the filter in the tank.               

If you still cannot do this, we recommend that you watch some YouTube videos which will help you explain the perfect installation of filters without any problems.

3. Prepare the gravel and plants.      

Remove the gravel that you received with the tank in the kit or that you may have brought and wash it properly. After that, spread it evenly on the bottom of the tank to build the base.   

The plants must be placed appropriately on the gravel so that it is correctly fixed. Besides, ornaments such as colored stones or a miniature house, statues, etc. they must be selected on the gravel so that it does not move.    

4. Fill the water in the tank      

Since everything is configured, you can fill the tank to the correct level. We recommend not to fill it as all fish need a little air to breathe once they reach the top. Especially the Betta fish. There is also the risk that the fish will jump out of the water. Make sure, therefore, that everything is the same.                

5. Install the heater in the tank.      

All tropical fish need a warm ecosystem. Because it must therefore have an integrated heater in the tank, some of the aquarium kits offer one, but some don’t because it is better to buy one with a thermometer.                       

Simply install the heater according to the manual instructions and set the temperature to 78-80 degrees.

6. Add a neutralizer to remove chlorine             

Once you add water to the tank, it contains chlorine, which can be harmful to your betta fish. To neutralize it, you need to add a neutralizer.   

You can easily buy a neutralizer and put it in the water by following specific instructions for using it in the standard good tank. After a while, when things are done, it is time to add your betta fish to the aquarium.   

Best Betta Fish Tanks: Final Words!   

So we have pretty much everything about the Best Betta Fish Tanks discussed. Which choice you make depends entirely on whether you are a beginner or a professional in this regard. They chose one of the most beautiful and beautiful fish of all, so an fantastic aquarium will make it even more attractive.               

Besides, hundreds of options are available. So don’t waste a lot of time and choose the best from the list. We’ve selected and reviewed each one to perfection, so make sure nothing is overlooked.   

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