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You will find lots of statistics and figures that show that keeping a Betta fish with any other aquatic animal would be dangerous on the internet. Well, that’s only a myth. For better accommodation in a 5-gallon tank, you should find out the best betta fish mates, which won’t cause harm or any problem to each other.

In nature, a Betta is very strong and hostile. If they aren’t controlled by their owner properly, they will bite the body and tails, which is very common. It is entirely possible to place your Betta with other fishes. You are just required to follow some basics and understand its nature.

  1. Malaysian Trumpet Snails
  2. Ramshorn Snails
  3. Ghost Shrimp
  4. Cherry Shrimp
  5. Nerite Snails
  6. Dwarf Crayfish

There are many aquatic organisms like some fishes, shrimps, slugs, and many more with which you can keep Betta. Keep following this article regarding Betta fish tank mates 5 Gallon to acquire the complete knowledge and guidelines of choosing mates and how to understand your pet’s nature, including our recommendations.

Overview of Betta Fish

  • Earlier, this fish was called a Siamese fighting fish.
  • Kingdom: Animalia
  • Phylum: Chordata
  • Genus: Betta
  • Specie: B. splendens
  • Binomial Nomenclature: Betta splendens
  • Nature: Freshwater Fish
  • Length: 6-8 cm

The Betta fish is a freshwater-based animal, vernacular to the South Asia region, and more further named Thailand, Indo-East, Malaysia, and Vietnam. In total, it comes with 73 species of genus Betta, out of which only splendens is known as a Betta. It is one of the most famous tank species all around the globe. Because of its unique characteristics, it has high demand from aquarists and pet lovers across the world. 

It requires low maintenance, sundry morphology and comes in various varieties, including high-spirited colors on their body that make it look super attractive. The betta fishes are widely distributed all along the plains of Thailand. They have been gently breaking in for around 1000 years, which isn’t ordinary.

It is the oldest species we have right now in our aquarium fish varieties. In the beginning, it used to reproduce for aggression and its color varieties mostly resemble cockfights. The popularity process was so fast, which raises its demand across the region (1788-1852).

Mostly, this species is famous due to its extreme territorial and aggressive characteristics. They attack their mates fearlessly in an aquarium if the others are not compatible with a Betta, and even it causes death or severe harm to those aquatic organisms. These species are very straight towards minimum oxygen level and temperature. They are very comfortable with an open environment or natural air corsage. So you better place it near a ventilated window for an efficient air passage for an aquarium

This species grows to a reasonable length, varies from 6-8.5 cm, with vibrant colors and strong fins. Due to such features, it is the national animal of Thailand, with significant demand.

Let’s talk about the details and guidelines, including the most suitable Betta mates in the tanks.

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Requirements of Betta Fish 

It is not like any other ordinary fish which you may have experienced before. Betta comes with particular needs that you have to fulfill at any cost if you want to make your new buddy healthy, happy, and safe.

Firstly, let’s look at the water quality; this species requires extremely smooth and acidic chemistry in your aquarium water. It must have a firm pH level between 6.8 – 7.3. If the water doesn’t consist of the proper sensitivity, you can’t keep your betta happy. After water quality, the second significant fact to consider is temperature. 

Betta appreciates the water to be a bit lukewarm for accurate reliability. It should come in between 75 to 80 degrees Fahrenheit. But it may not be appropriate for other fishes or aquatic organisms you would place in the tank as betta mates.

So try to focus on the partners that would stay equally happy and satisfied. We will discuss them in the following; before that, there is one more thing: betta is very particular regarding their resting time and peace. So avoid using potential or giant aquariums. The ideal size of the tank is 5 gallons it must consider. We highly recommend it. Betta is more comfortable flourishing in small aquariums.

Betta Fish

6 Betta Fish Tank Mates 5 Gallon Aquarium

For betta, 5 gallons is the most appropriate size you can provide, as betta also wants to have a limited space rather than giant-sized aquariums. Adding some fishes in the aquarium would be a bit harsh, whereas you can add shrimps, slugs, or small and less activated fishes.

In the following, we will discuss some of the best betta fish communities regarding “Betta fish tank mates 5 Gallon”. You still make your pet do things you want him to do with shrimps and snails in the aquarium.

1) Malaysian Trumpet Snails:

According to their name Malaysian Trumpet Snails, they are Malaysian habituated, in many regions of Asia. In appearance, they look like a very ordinary tank snail, but if you want to keep your betta extra protected, then make to keep a check on this snail so that you may avoid the issue in your tank.

They come with excellent compatibility to easily adjust in, and it makes a great mate with a betta in a fish tank. They have a good life span of around one year and can grow around 1 inch in size. For a better experience, you should provide them ease of environment by maintaining a temperature of approximately 70 to 76 degrees Fahrenheit with a pH level between 7 – 7.5. 

Malaysian Trumpet Snails

2) Ramshorn Snails:

If you are not satisfied with the features of the Malaysian Trumpet Snail, then Ramshorn snails are undoubtedly a great option in your aquarium. They look very distinctive as this snail comes with a cover that looks similar to the shell. Due to such reasons, the betta usually didn’t notice Ramshorn Snails; that’s why it’s the most appropriate fish mate in the 5-gallon aquarium.

Although, we want to aware you that it would not be adjusted with a planted aquarium, as mostly they would eat, for decoration or entertaining betta you can use artificial plants. Same as before, you can set the tank temperature that ranges between 70 to 76 degrees Fahrenheit whereas, they live around for a year and grows about 1 inch in size, just like the Malaysian.

Ramshorn Snail

3) Ghost Shrimp:

Ghost shrimp is one of the easiest mates for the betta. It goes perfectly with both male and female betta as ghost shrimp understand their requirements and try their best to adjust to them in an aquarium.

However, remember that you are providing a mate to betta and its food, betta loves having shrimps, and as soon as they find them, they would eat them. But the mate comes with the advantage that it has a transparent appearance, which helps avoid disturbing betta and stay safe against becoming its food.

Overall, it is very pocket-friendly, and you can find it locally in any supermarket. It has a maximum one-year life span, and in size, it grows around 2 inches, and they appreciate the pH level up to 6.5 to 8, whereas the temperature should be 68 to 78 degrees Fahrenheit. 

Ghost Shrimp

4) Cherry Shrimp:

Cherry shrimps are very calm and peace-loving mates that would make a great match with a betta in your aquarium. It comes in a variation of bright colors in it, so you have a broad range of lots of colors if you are fond of them, I mean, who doesn’t? 

Colors attract everyone, and it makes your tank more bright and decorative. Cherry is a beneficial algae eater, so with time, it will get removed from the place. However, it is not inexpensive, and you have to pay a reasonable amount; that is why does considers for some time that betta should not eat it right after you placed it in an aquarium.

It will easily adjust in there without any complications. Also, they like to eat algae; make sure to provide them, and you can pour some algae flakes. 

They are tiny in size than Ghost Shrimp and can grow up to 1.6 inches in length. Whereas it has a good life span of around 2 to 2.2 years, make sure you provide them a standard temperature of 72 to 77 degrees Fahrenheit with a 7.5 pH level.  

Cherry Shrimp

5) Nerite Snails:

Nerite snails are a great choice in the list of Best betta tank mates – 5 Gallon. If you consider your options in snails, we would recommend that nerite make a great match with a betta in your aquarium. It eats the algae most efficiently, and they won’t destroy your plants, as they are unlikely to eat them.

In nerite, they have a broad range of options in multiple colors, shapes, shells, and overall variety. Before buying them, understand their requirements and prefer the one which would be perfect. It ensures to make your tank clean and healthy, whether it’s saltwater or freshwater, and doesn’t need much care or pampering from aquarists. The pH should range between 6.6 – 8.6 at 70 degrees Fahrenheit temperature.  

Nerite Snails

6) Dwarf Crayfish:

Now, on the last, we have dwarf crayfish in a 5-gallon tank; it is exceptionally compatible with a betta as they don’t attract but still try to find out each other personalities, as they are entirely different. Betta likes to swim or stay at the upper surface of the aquarium, whereas; the dwarf is a bottom tank lover. The interaction chances are low, which a good point for making them stay together is.

It has a suitable size and can grow about 2 inches in length, and has an incredible life span of 3 years, which is ultimately better than all the options in betta fish tank mates 5 gallons we have discussed above. They require a 70 degree Fahrenheit temperature with a 6.6 – 8 pH level.

Dwarf Crayfish

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Does Betta Love to Share Tank?

Every betta fish has distinct personalities and choices, so you can’t examine them by acquiring one fish. Whereas, there also have been situations in which aquarists had great success while having betta as a pet with other widespread species of fishes. They don’t get an instant response to their new mates in the tank, but deep down, they fascinate many of them. 

You must know some basics and understand their traits before petting them. Not only males betta but female betta is equally hostile and wild. Also, do not forget to consider that a betta can’t live with another look-alike betta in an aquarium. If you will, they will get immediately stressed. They can even cause death to each other. Some of the betta fishes are also there that comprises of identical characteristics, do not even add them.

There was another research held a few years ago. The scientists state that having two males in one aquarium would be extremely dangerous. Avoid placing them all together as they may cause severe and infectious injuries to each other. Their traits are highly aggressive; that’s why they are known as fighter fish. You won’t only risk them but the other mates in the tank as they could shed blood quickly without any regression.

With such essential things, the betta wants peaceful and tranquil life. Other than their stressed and truculent characteristics, they are very rest-loving. For such reason, sadly, you couldn’t add many active species in the tank with them; the ones that are quiet and calm would be a great match to the betta. The fishes that you should strictly avoid are Dianos and Minnows.

The others that could harm your betta fish are; Dwarf, Crayfish, and Nippy Barbs. They are not the species that would create mess or noise, but they do not are an excellent match to the betta. You should avoid adding all those species with which betta won’t be comfortable or feel insecure. 

We would recommend a medium-sized tank for more security of betta fish mates or to ensure a peaceful environment in an aquarium. You can organize some minor hidden points where other mates can hide or rest easily for some time without disturbing betta. Also, betta requires activation to end their boredom, anxiety, stress, or whenever they are in a mood.

You can add some plants and mirrors to create some effective spots for an attractive and beautiful environment. It would make betta move all around the aquarium while exploring and reducing its stress. However, your primary focus should be on how to make your betta happy and constantly calm with appropriate mates.

Summaries Note

As you have read the complete guide regarding “betta fish tank mates 5 Gallon”. The fact isn’t as complicated as they consider, and understand the essential points and nature of bettas, which helps choose the calm tank mates. We have avoided explaining about fishes as it is risky to keep with a betta; shrimps and snails are the tremendous and safest option.

Would Betta Attack his Tank Mates?

There is an option of a tank divider that works great to maintain peace in both species. Try to give them space, as time is required to get adjusted. The hype of aggressive betta is just hype; in nature, they aren’t too wild. So take it easy, consider the recommendations of the best fish aquarium mates, and you will be good to go.

Will a betta be happy in a 5-gallon tank?

Usually, peoples think that a 5-gallon tank is tiny and can’t hold fish. Whereas it is an ideal size, especially for this species, it has enough space to support all the requirements for betta including temperature settings and water quality. As it doesn’t compromise on performance and gives a suitable space for their requisite swimming.

Will a betta fish kill a goldfish?

If you are complete with a lack of choice, you can have them (goldfish and betta) all together in your aquarium for a limited period. But only in the case if you do not have any other option. By nature, goldfish is exceptionally calm, quiet, and won’t disturb betta at all. Also, the lukewarm temperature would be suitable for goldfish for around 2 to 3 days, but not more.

What do Bettas like in their tank?

Betta wants to chill, in an environment that can provide complete relaxation and entertainment at the same point. Mostly, they like to swim in an aquarium while hiding in different spots and issues that you would have made for them. Also, try to place some natural plants in the aquarium for a good and reliable environment, as it would ensure enhance the water quality from time to time.

Will female bettas kill each other?

No doubt betta is very aggressive, and it comes in all of their genders. Female bettas won’t kill each other but could have some fights, which is normal, and nothing much to worry about. The thing is, if you want to have multiple female bettas in one aquarium, then make sure to follow the precautions, and do good research on their corporal factors before adding them to the tank.

Do Bettas need a heater?

Betta prefers lukewarm water in an aquarium, as they are tropical species. A temperature between 70 to 80 degrees F would be perfect for use. A tank with 5 watts of heat provision would be suitable for betta bodies.

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